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Using Incognito Mode In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Using Incognito Mode In Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you are Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owner that loves using your phone to do a lot of browsing and you don’t want Google to monitor your online activities, I will suggest that you switch to ‘Incognito Mode’ on Google Chrome.

Incognito Mode protects all your online activities including your search queries, passwords, login and viewing history from being monitored on your Galaxy Note 8.

Incognito Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 works like a kill switch. You can be assured that all your online activities will not be stored or remembered as soon as you are done. It is important to point out that Incognito Mode won’t delete cookies, it will be retained on your smartphone regardless of Incognito Mode.


How To turn ON The Incognito Mode on Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Switch on the Samsung Note 8.
  2. Locate the Google Chrome browser.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner, select the 3-dot icon.
  4. Select on “New incognito tab, ” and a new black screen will come up.


There are also several browsers on Google Play Store that you can use safely and will never store your data.  Dolphin Zero is one the good options that I can recommend on the Note 8. There is also the Opera Browser which is one of the popular ones available for Galaxy Note 8. The Opera Browser has an extensive and efficient privacy mode that you can use.


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David Williams

Sep 6, 2017

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