How To Watch American Netflix in Greece

Greece is part ancient country full of history and part modern civilization full of places to go and things to do. It’s a popular destination for Americans on European tours as it is also the birthplace of modern civilization and democracy. The local TV isn’t up to much though and you’ll not understand a word if you don’t speak Greek. That’s why I’m going to show you how to watch American Netflix in Greece.

Whether you’re working, studying or traveling, there are going to be times when you want to kick back, relax and enjoy a binge watch. While Greece does have Netflix, it’s not a patch on ours. According to, the current Netflix catalog in the US stands at 4,052 movies and 1,580 TV shows. The Greek catalog has just 328 TV shows and 1,440 movies. That’s a real disappointment.

Use a VPN and you can access American Netflix in Greece or anywhere you might travel.

Greece and VPNs

Greece is part of the European Union and has an open, democratic society. There are no overt controls on what citizens can see or do online, no excessive censorship or obvious monitoring of internet activity aside from the usual. That said, whenever you’re traveling, or accessing the internet, you need to be aware that ISPs monitor traffic and security services do the same. It’s the same here at home as abroad.

The one way you can enhance privacy while accessing American Netflix is to use a VPN.

A VPN is a way to secure all network traffic by encrypting it and keeping it separate from normal internet traffic. So whether you’re using public WiFi or trying to watch your favorite TV while abroad, you’re able to do it quickly and safely.

A VPN, Virtual Private Network uses an app you install on your device to create an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic. The app connects to your provider’s VPN server and all traffic is encrypted. That VPN server decrypts your traffic and sends it onto the internet.

If you select a US VPN server, your internet traffic is given a US IP address and appears to come from a US city. Netflix uses IP address data to decide what content to show you, so you get American Netflix.

VPNs and Netflix

It isn’t as simple as just selecting a VPN and running with it. Netflix is obligated to fight VPN access so tries to identify and block VPN servers. You need to select a provider that works to keep Netflix accessible wherever possible in order to stay ahead of the game.

You should also select a VPN provider who uses 256-bit encryption, offers a complete no-log service so no evidence of your connection is retained, offers a free trial and/or moneyback guarantee and who provides VPN apps for all your devices.

While not the only VPN providers to offer this, the following are some of those I have tried and not found wanting.


NordVPN has a high profile thanks to a substantial marketing budget but backs that up with a quality service. It is fast, secure and handles video streams with ease. The app is simple to use and the provider has extra security measures available should you really need to protect your identity.


ExpressVPN is another high profile VPN provider as it too has a large marketing budget. Again, they manage to deliver on their promises with a solid network, good security, intuitive app, lots of coverage in different countries and enough VPN servers to cope with high traffic.


CyberGhost has a cool name and a capable network. It compares well with these others in terms of speed and security and has the same kind of coverage. The app is easy to use and connects quickly, there are no logs and streaming should be buffer-free. With competitive pricing and features, it’s a solid choice.


VyprVPN is another cool name for a VPN provider and will let you watch American Netflix in Greece. The network is large, secure, fast and easily capable of video streaming. The app is a breeze and installs on most devices, there are no logs kept, no complaints of the service and it offers extra security options should you need them.


StrongVPN is another viable VPN provider for video streaming. Having undergone huge transformation over the past couple of years, the levels of service are much higher than before, the network is fast and secure and the app is simple to use and connects quickly. This new service is now worth checking out even if you used it before.

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This Guide Last Updated: July 10, 2019

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