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How To Watch American Netflix in Italy

How To Watch American Netflix in Italy

Netflix is one of the biggest video-on-demand services in the world. As such, it has managed to acquire the rights to many popular TV shows. For instance, where ‘Black Mirror’ used to be British-owned, it is now a Netflix original.

Even though most countries have access to Netflix, no matter how worldwide it has gone, American Netflix takes the whole cake in terms of content. For instance, even though Italy has the average connection speeds to support the service, the local version of the streaming service isn’t as content-rich as its American counterpart.

However, there is a way to access the US version of the service no matter where in the world you may be. Here is how to access US Netflix, all the way in Italy.

What Is a VPN?

Essentially, you’ll need a VPN, a Virtual Private Network, to be precise. VPN is a tool that is widely used for online activity protection, but it can also allow you to gain access to online content that otherwise might not be available in a particular location. VPN works by creating an encrypted ‘tunnel’ for the user’s connection to squeeze through.

What does this have to do with watching American Netflix in Italy? Well, the way VPN protects your privacy is by making things appear as if the particular user’s connection is coming from an entirely different location. So, you might be sitting in front of a laptop in Rome, Italy and make it appear as if you were accessing the Internet from Boston, US, merely by using a VPN.

How to Watch American Netflix

Is It Really That Easy?

Well, it used to be. A few years back, if you wanted to watch American Netflix from outside the US, all you needed to do is run your favorite VPN app, and you would be good to go. People at Netflix, however, are obviously not naïve. If Netflix sees that multiple users are coming from the same IP address, well, all they have to do is simply block that IP.

So, what’s stopping the VPN from finding another IP as soon as Netflix makes its move? Well, the fact that Netflix is getting better and better at blocking VPN servers, which often means the death of the said VPN service, as constantly finding new servers in order to keep things running simply doesn’t pay off for the VPN provider.

What’s the Solution?

In truth, nothing fancy. Some VPNs are simply good at responding quickly to the block from the American Netflix. ExpressVPN, for instance, has awesome customer support and has an excellent reputation for keeping its customers connected. This VPN has fantastic server coverage globally and provides optimal amounts of privacy, as well as fast connections.

Picking the Ideal VPN

ExpressVPN is great, but it’s definitely not the only viable solution for the Italian viewers who want access to American Netflix. The problem with Italian internet is that the average connection speeds rarely go above 10 Mbps. This is why you need to factor in these points:

  1. Fast connection speeds – Even if you download and install a particular VPN, and even if you gain access to American Netflix, speed might become an issue. Slow VPNs will leave you waiting while your video is buffering, so picking one that boasts a solid, fast connection is of the absolute essence.
  2. More American servers – It pays to have multiple servers to choose from. The greater the number of servers your VPN offers, the more options you will have in case some servers are experiencing issues.
  3. Security – This is very important. You should choose a VPN service that offers 256-bit AES encryption. Additionally, picking a service with a no logging policy is essential.
  4. Responsive availability – The modern world simply doesn’t work without smartphones and tablets. Everything is based on responsiveness and connectivity, so you’ll want a VPN service that is available on your mobile device, tablet, PC, Mac, etc.
    Watch American Netflix in Italy

Other VPNs for Italy

Here are other great VPNs that work great for Italy:

  1. NordVPN – Security, bypassing censorship, and access to regional content from all over the world are the main things this VPN service provides.
  2. PrivateVPN – Although this VPN doesn’t operate at the scale NordVPN and ExpressVPN do, it is significantly more affordable than the alternatives.
  3. CyberGhost – CyberGhost might’ve been the ideal VPN if it wasn’t limited by the fact that it simply can’t unblock all streaming sites. Sure, when it comes to Netflix, it works like a charm, but it isn’t the ideal choice if you want streaming diversity.

It’s Really Easy

There you have it – watching American Netflix in Italy is very simple. If you’re still a bit confused, here’s the gist of how to do it: Sign up for a VPN service of your choice, open the app, and use the provided VPN account details to sign in. From there, pick your desired location and you will get connected to the fastest available server automatically. That’s it!

Did you find this guide easy to follow? Is there any other VPN service you’d recommend to fellow Netflix users from Italy? Let us know in the comments below!


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Thatguyib says:
Its a shame that all these cord cutting sites just talk about cord cutting and connectivity in the western world. The real challenge is getting to watch American Netflix, shows on BBC iPlayer or majority of the shows on Amazon. If you guys are as good as you claim to be on these solutions (bogus marketing for a quick buck) articles you write then please advice on how we can watch these shows in Africa.
Trust me, we have the required speed for streaming and data is cheap.

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