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How to Watch American Netflix in Kuwait

How to Watch American Netflix in Kuwait

If you live or work in Kuwait, you were probably relieved when Netflix finally launched there. That was until you saw the limited library of content available. While Kuwait is a first world country, it is well behind the US when it comes to movies and TV. The answer to this problem is to watch American Netflix in Kuwait using a VPN.

According to, US Netflix has 1,157 TV shows and 4,593 movies. Kuwaiti Netflix has 328 TV shows and 1,140 movies. That’s quite a restricted range of content. Especially as the subscription cost is much the same as it is in the US!

Fortunately, by the end of this article, you will have all the tools you need to watch American Netflix in Kuwait.

VPNs and Kuwait

Kuwait is one of the more progressive regimes in the region but it is still way behind in terms of licensing and openness to western media. Hollywood and the networks control the licensing aspect and tells Netflix what it can and cannot show and that’s the same for every country in the world. The way around this is to fool Netflix into thinking you’re in the US and not Kuwait and we do that by using a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network, VPN, is a system that lets you fool the internet into thinking you’re somewhere else. You install a VPN client onto your device to get it started. It then creates an encrypted tunnel to a VPN server. Your internet traffic will then transit the VPN provider’s network and exit somewhere completely different.

For example, you connect to a VPN from your place in Kuwait and select a US exit node from your VPN server list. The VPN encrypts your internet connection and sends it to that US exit node. Your traffic is decrypted and sent into the internet from that US server. As far as the internet is concerned, your traffic originated in the US. For Netflix, this is enough to show you the American catalog of content.

As geoblocking is mandated by the studios and not Netflix, having a US IP address is enough to let you access the content you want to see. Netflix are tasked with blocking VPNs by the studios so access is not always guaranteed.

VPNs to watch American Netflix in Kuwait

Selecting a VPN service is mainly about finding a fast network with a provider who knows that Netflix actively looks for VPN access and tries to block it. While access is not guaranteed at all times, if you select a provider that knows how to work around Netflix, you should be able to view the content that you want, when you want it.

The VPN providers in the following list all work with Netflix for the vast majority of the time. If a server is blocked by Netflix, each also has a number of other US servers to choose from. All you’ll need to do is change your exit node for a different one.

Private internet Access

Private internet Access is a reliable VPN provider who can enable you to watch American Netflix in Kuwait. With 3,321 servers in 32 countries including a couple dozen in the US, this provider has the speed, reliability and ease of use you need to watch your content. It uses 256-bit encryption to secure your traffic, has a very intuitive app to make connecting fast and simple and an easy exit node switcher to keep you connected.


ExpressVPN is a firm favorite here at TechJunkie. It’s fast, secure, reliable and offers the ability to maintain privacy online. The fact it also lets you access Netflix from anywhere in the world is just an added bonus. It also has an intuitive app, fast network, multiple US VPN servers and offers good value for money. With 256-bit encryption and thousands of VPN servers in 84 countries, this is one of the widest networks around right now.


NordVPN is another firm favorite for watching US TV anywhere. With a fast network, over 5,000 servers in 60 countries including many dozens in the US, this provider offers all the features you need to stay connected. The app is very easy to use, makes connecting a matter of seconds and changing a server very simple.


PureVPN is another provider that will let you watch American Netflix in Kuwait. It’s a fast network with over 2,000 servers in 180 locations including dozens in the US. The network is reliable, fast and stable and the app is the same. The app is intuitive and works on almost any device, connects in seconds and switches servers just as quickly. Well worth checking out.


IPVanish is my final recommendation for watching Netflix in Kuwait. It is another large, stable and reliable provider with over 1,300 servers in 75 locations across the world. With multiple US exit nodes, this makes a viable option for your needs. It uses a very stable app that is easy to use, fast to connect and easy to switch servers.

Each of these and probably many other VPN servers will let you watch American Netflix in Kuwait. There’s no reason why working or living away from home should be a compromise and these make sure there isn’t!

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