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What To Do With Galaxy S9 When GPS Location Tracking Is Not Accurate

What To Do With Galaxy S9 When GPS Location Tracking Is Not Accurate

Today we would like to address a simple issue that has been giving our readers frustrating moments. We have been repeatedly receiving messages from our readers requesting us to provide a tutorial on how to fix the error of the GPS not working on their Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. If you own a Galaxy S9, you might also have been experiencing a similar issue. If that is the case, there is no need to panic because we can help you fix this problem with a lot of ease and simplicity.

If your Galaxy S9 GPS is unable to track location then it will not be able to give directions. You will notice this problem right away when you are using the Google Maps application. It is simple to troubleshoot this issue because chances are, that it is emanating from either of the two issues below:

  1. A software issue on your Galaxy S9
  2. An issue with the hardware components especially the GPS antenna on your Galaxy S9.

How To Solve Galaxy S9’s GPS Issue

If you think about it, a hardware problem will be much more difficult to handle because it will require reaching out to a Samsung technician. Only he can be able to inspect the internal components for damages without causing further damage to the device. Luckily, the software issue should not cause much trouble because you can easily fix that one on your own.

  1. From your device home screen, tap on Apps Menu
  2. Select on Settings
  3. In the Settings menu, navigate to the Privacy and Safety settings
  4. Now choose on Location and set the Location Method
  5. There will be a list of options from which you need to select on GPS, Wi-Fi and Mobile Networks. This will provide you with the most optimal GPS performance
  6. Exit the menu and try using the GPS services again

Test Your GPS

Alternatively, if the solution above does not work, you can attempt to use the GPS status and toolbox. Before you do, you will need to download this GPS Status and Toolbox from your Google Play Store. The function of the GPS Status and Toolbox is to enhance the accuracy of your GPS feature.

The above software solutions should be sufficient in fixing the GPS not tracking location problem on your Galaxy S9 smartphone. If you try these solutions but still realize that the GPS is not working properly, then there should be no doubt that the problem your GPS is facing is a hardware problem. The only solution would be to take your Galaxy S9 to a technician for diagnosis and repair.

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Jenny Compton

Apr 5, 2018

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