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How To Activate The Flashlight Widget On Galaxy S9

How To Activate The Flashlight Widget On Galaxy S9

Your Samsung Galaxy S9 comes as a whole package enabling you to access the internet, play games, make calls, send messages and can even act as a torch when you need one. Although it is not quite the replacement for LED Maglight, Galaxy S9 flashlight has its benefits of almost an equal measure. If you ever get stuck in the dark and do not know your way around, all you have to do is turn on the flashlight on your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

If you are wondering how to turn on the flashlight, you only need to look for the flashlight widget. Unlike previous smartphone models that did not come with a widget, the Galaxy S9 smartphone has its own built-in flashlight widget. The widget allows the Galaxy S9 user to turn ON and OFF the flashlight with much ease.  

The Galaxy S9 Flashlight Widget

If you have purchased a smartphone back in the days and really needed to use the flashlight, you would have had to download a third party app and then install it on your Galaxy S9. After doing that, you would then use it to switch on the flashlight. But Samsung has made things a lot easier and convenient for its users.

The widget we are talking about is a simple shortcut usually added on to the home screen of your smartphone to make access to its corresponding app much quicker. The flashlight widget should not be taken as an app as such, although it pretty much looks like one though it has one simple function and that is to switch on and off the flashlight on your Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

How To Activate The Flashlight Widget On Galaxy S9

  1. If you are going to turn on the flashlight widget, you need to first make sure your Galaxy S9 is powered on before you can access anything else on it
  2. Press on your home screen for long enough until ‘Wallpapers, Widgets and Home Screen Settings are displayed
  3. Now select on Widgets
  4. Scroll through the available options to locate the Torch Widget
  5. Once again long press the Torch then drag it to any empty space on your home screen
  6. Anytime you need the flashlight turned on or off, you only need to access the widget you have placed on your home screen
  7. You can also access the flashlight from the Notifications Bar


The above listed instructions are enough to show you how to create the flashlight widget on your Galaxy S9 and how to use it every time you need a source of light. If you choose to instead use the launcher, you can follow the same procedure although the location of the icons might be different on your home screen.

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