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Why Does iPhone Siri Start Talking Randomly And How To Fix It

Why Does iPhone Siri Start Talking Randomly And How To Fix It

For some iPhone users with Siri have had some weird things happen when Siri randomly starts talking randomly out of nowhere. This has been happening after iPhone users updated to the latest versions of iOS; the iPhone suddenly starts talking out of the no where. But the new “Hey Siri” feature introduced with iOS 8.

The apparently random Siri talking issue is an failed attempt of Siri and the iPhone (or iPad) recognizing a different phrase as the intended summoning query “Hey Siri” phrase. In many instances when Siri iPhone talking randomly can be traced back to the surrounding conversation or ambient audio. I have personally had “Hey Siri” activate out of nowhere.

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The situations that are a lot more confusing (and weird) are when it happens in the middle of various conversations, and Siri speaks up unsolicited. If you’re trying to erroneously trigger Hey Siri this way, you can almost reliably do it by saying things like “a seriously” or “hey, seriously” in the middle of a conversation with the iPhone plugged in and nearby, though inflection and accent seems to matter in how often Siri will actually think it’s a command directed at the virtual assistant. 



If you’ve had this happen and it creeps you out or bugs you enough that you want it to never happen again, you can simply turn off the Hey Siri feature within Settings > Siri > Hey Siri > OFF and that will be the end of it. Also, remember that the iPhone or iPad must be plugged in for the “Hey Siri” listening aspect to even exist at all, so that can impact the circumstances of this occurring as well.




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