Why you should jailbreak your Apple TV

Disclaimer: Jailbreaking your device is against apple’s terms of service and will void your warranty. 


The Apple TV has many features that allows you to have access to all of the best content, from blockbuster movies, TV shows, sports, your music and photos, and more all on your HDTV. You can also play content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac on your TV wirelessly using AirPlay. The only negative draw back about the Apple TV is the limited content that can be accessed through the device. But with a few tweaks, you can make your device from the limited media content,  into a video powerhouse. The following will help you unlock the full potential of your Apple TV.


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The Process

Many have heard of jailbreaking an iPhone and iPad, but few know that you can also jailbreak an Apple TV. What jailbreaking your Apple TV does is gain root access to the Apple TV so that you have full control and freedom over its firmware and operating system. What you may not have known is that any iOS device can be jailbroken. That goes for the Apple TV, iPad, and iPods as well.

Reason that you may want to jailbreak your Apple TV:

  • 3rd party applications become available
  • It’s capable of decoding and streaming a wide range of video formats without conversion
  • XBMC compatibility, arguably the best media software out there for HTPCs
  • 3rd party applications become available
  • It’s cheap, at $99 it’s better than most HTPCs three times the cost
  • It’s easier today than it has ever been


What you need to jailbreak an Apple TV:

  • A computer with the latest iTunes installed.
  • A laptop works best so you can bring it to your TV
  • An Apple TV 1 or Apple TV 2.
  • As of this writing the jailbreak for Apple TV 3 has not been released, but it’s coming
  • Jailbreaking software
  • A micro USB cable


The Jailbreak

Detailed instructions for the process can be found on the Seas0nPass download page but the basic steps are as follows:

  • Download, unzip and launch Seas0nPass
  • Select the “Create IPSW” button
  • Then connect the micro USB from the Apple TV to your computer
  • When the light on your Apple TV begins to flash, aim the remote to the Apple TV and hold both the “Menu” and “Play/Pause” buttons for 7 seven seconds.
  • iTunes will open automatically and start the restore process
  • After iTunes confirms the restore and the process is complete
  • Hook the Apple TV back up to your TV



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