Zoom Snapchat Video Guide: How Do You Zoom On Snapchat Video

Finally Snapchat has released a new snapchat zoom video feature that everyone has wanted for some time now. We’ll explain below how to zoom in on video when sending snapchat videos or “snaps” to friends. This feature is similar to the abilities available on pictures for Snapchat and you can send zoomed in videos to others or upload to “My Story.”

For the new zoom in Snapchat feature to work, users will need to update their app to the latest version of Snapchat. The minimum software requirement is Snapchat 9.7.0 and is available for iOS and Android.


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How to zoom a video on Snapchat

You can use the new Snapchat Zoom video feature zoom easily without having to worry about stopping the Snapchat video by mistake. First zoom in on the camera before you start recording by pinching your finger and pushing them away from each other. Then press the record button and the camera will stay zoomed in. You can still zoom out of the video by just dragging your finger in a downward motion.


Zoom On Snapchat Video Method 2

Another way you can zoom in on Snapchat for videos is to open Snapchat. Then hold down the record button to start recording a video. All you have to do while the video is recording is to use another finger and drag it upwards along the screen to zoom in. If you want to zoom out after, all you need to do is drag that finger in a downward motion to zoom out on Snapchat.


Snapchat just released a new emoji symbol next to friends. Snapchat used the Snap Channel of the Discover section on the app to announce the new feature rather than sending out a press release or putting up a blog post. Part of the new Snapchat feature will notify people that you could be neglecting in a new ‘Needs Love’ section. Use this Snapchat Symbol Guide for better understanding of what each of the new Snapchat emoji Symbols mean.




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