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How to Tell if Someone is Online on Zoosk

How to Tell if Someone is Online on Zoosk

Whether you’ve been talking with someone for a while, or you want to start a conversation, it’s essential to know whether that person is online. This feature is very useful, and it helps you avoid any doubts. Most social networks have this option, and it’s proven to be very helpful, so dating apps have now introduced it too.

Zoosk has a unique system to show you whether someone is online or whether they’ve recently been online. In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about that system.

It’s All About Dots

Zoosk uses dots in different colors to indicate whether someone is online. You can see them next to the profile picture of every user. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Zoosk from your desktop or you have the app, they both have the same system.

It’s pretty simple. A green dot next to someone’s name means that the user is currently active. It’s a perfect time to send them a message because there is a higher chance that they’ll respond. On the other hand, if you see a blue dot next to someone’s name, it means that the user was recently active but is not at the moment.

What does recently active mean? One hour, one day? No. It means that the user logged in to Zoosk at least once within the last seven days. It doesn’t tell you whether the user chatted with someone, used their account for hours, or just quickly signed in to check something.

And what if they haven’t been online in more than seven days? Nothing. There’s no symbol to indicate this. So if you visit someone’s profile and don’t see a green or blue dot, it’s safe to assume that the user hasn’t used the app for a while.

Zoosk if Someone Is Online

Can I See When Someone Was Active for the Last Time?

If you use apps like WhatsApp to chat with your friends, you’re probably used to the Last Seen feature. It allows you the see the exact date and time when other users were last active the app. Unfortunately, Zoosk doesn’t have such a feature. The only thing it can tell you, as mentioned, is whether the user was active any time in the last seven days, by showing a blue dot next to their name.

Many people ask whether Zoosk plans to introduce the Last Seen feature. The answer is, most probably, no. The app respects your privacy, and they believe this may be better for all users. If your family and friends on WhatsApp can check on you and see the exact time you were last on the app, they believe it’d be a bit overwhelming to let other users do the same.

Although many people love the Last Seen feature, that feature is often the cause of misunderstanding. Let’s say that your friend sent you a message. You enter WhatsApp because there’s some urgency, but you don’t have time to reply to all messages. You plan to do it later.

However, then your friend gets angry because they can see that you entered WhatsApp, but they believe you ignored them on purpose. Not a pleasant feeling at all. Sometimes all we need is a bit of privacy.

Can I Hide My Online Status?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Your online status updates automatically as soon as you enter the app. There’s no way to hide it. Bear in mind that even if you enter the app for a few seconds just to check something, the other users will notice you’re there. And they can’t tell whether you’ve been online for hours or you’ve just signed in.

A green dot doesn’t mean that you’re doing something in the app. It simply means that you opened the app, or you logged in with your credentials. If you leave Zoosk open in a browser tab and do something else on your computer, then the green dot will still be there. Other users will then think you’re online, and they may send you a message.

Zoosk Tell if Someone Is Online

Stay Calm

When you’re talking to someone new, it can be tempting to always check whether they’re online. However, this habit is not good for you. As you can see, online status doesn’t always mean that the user is really active, so you could waste a lot of time waiting for someone to message you while they’re not actually there.

Take it easy. If you’re nervous, try doing something else instead of checking your phone. Do you have any other questions about Zoosk? Let us know in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “How to Tell if Someone is Online on Zoosk”

Bill says:
They could sure use more distinct colors. Those two colors are hard to distinguish for many of us color challenged people.
Steve says:
How do you tell if they are a paying member and we can chat.
Gordon Marshall says:
If a green dot is next to there name are they online now.
Celeste Griner says:
Why are there so many scammers using zoosk members profile. I’m a paid zoosk user a d tired of not being able to talk to the real zoosk member.
Kenneth says:
Hello. I feel the same way. I chat with everyone and I only get like one a week.

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