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5 Crazy Computer Cases

5 Crazy Computer Cases

Fortunately the time of ridiculous-looking PC cases has passed. When you want a proper PC case, basic black is all you need.

Unfortunately, there are still a few stinkers out there. Thankfully, they’re few in number. Here are 5 of them.

Corsair Special Edition White Graphite Series 600T

This looks more like a Kenmore washing machine than it does a PC case.

COOLER MASTER HAF X nVidia Edition NV-942-KKN1

Someone at nVidia must have lost a bet to let Cooler Master release this abomination. Neon green and PC cases just don’t mix.

Antec Lanboy air

All this needs is a hardhat and a big Ford pickup to complete this look – except it doesn’t belong on a construction site at all.


“I wanna be an airplane.. no.. a JET!” Sorry, you don’t qualify as either.

Lian Li PC-U6B

I think I can get “efficient cooling” from other cases that aren’t shaped like a big-ass seashell.

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4 thoughts on “5 Crazy Computer Cases”

Tomk says:
The Lian Li looks like a fireplace or something like that. I can still remember times when we have tinkered these things themselves.
DOS_equis says:
The reason the LanBoy looks the way it does is because it is a modular case where almost all of the parts can be shifted around to suit the builder. It does look ugly to me but I’m sure some people are into that kinda look. The Lian Li seashell case is a rehash from I think the early 2000’s. They had a different name for it but it is the same case as before, maybe different paint or mesh sides. The corsair case is decent IMO so I don’t know why you posted that on this list. It looks like they did the non-black case in a tasteful way. :)


mmseng1 says:
Oh god, does that Lanboy case have seven, count ’em SEVEN thumb screws to remove, just to take off the entirety of one side panel? Yeesh.
Nathan Hunstad says:
I actually have that XClio case! And while the front intake fan is annoyingly bright, you can disable the LEDs and the fan itself. I like the case because it is incredibly roomy and you can pretty much put whatever fans you want inside.

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