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How to Use Facebook Marketplace Without Facebook Account

How to Use Facebook Marketplace Without Facebook Account

Marketplace is a free-to-use eCommerce platform on Facebook that connects sellers and buyers through unique goods. But have you ever wondered if you can use it without an account? Yes, you can use Facebook Marketplace without an account. But you’ll only be able to browse its listings in that case, as communicating with sellers or selling your stuff will require a sign-in.

How to Use Facebook Marketplace Without a Facebook Account

To use Facebook Marketplace without an account, follow these steps on your computer. If you are using a mobile app, we suggest you uninstall it. If Facebook tries to redirect you to the app, keep using the browser.

  1. Visit Facebook Marketplace through your web browser.
  2. A pop-up will appear on your screen, asking you to log into your Facebook account. But you don’t need to. Please close the pop-up and continue browsing the Marketplace.
    A pop up asking to log into Facebook account
  3. Your location will be set to San Francisco by default, but you can change it—no sign-in is required.
    Default Marketplace location is set to San Fransisco
  4. To see more localized products, click on the “San Fransisco” location and change it to your current location. Then select Apply. Change location to current location and click Apply
  5. If you’re not interested in the displayed stuff, you can use the available Filters on the left panel to filter the on-screen results.
  6. You can set your preferred Price, Condition (like new, used-like new, used-good, and used-fair), and most importantly, the Categories.Filter the results in Facebook Marketplace
  7. Another option at the bottom left corner of the screen is the Popular related searches. Clicking on these will narrow down your results.Narrow down the searches with Popular related searches

Please note that you can only view the stuff on Facebook Marketplace without an account. To sell or buy anything, you must be signed into your account or create a new account if you haven’t yet. 

Can You Use Facebook Marketplace With a Temporary or New Account?

No, Facebook Marketplace does not allow temporary or new Facebook account holders. This is because they might not represent real people and can enable scammers to post fake postings on the platform.

If you try to access the Marketplace with a temporary or new account, the following message will be displayed on your screen:

Facebook Marketplace is not available to you

It’s worth noting that even if you have an old Facebook account with photos and other content, you may still not have access to the Marketplace feature. Although Facebook hasn’t explicitly stated why, they’re trying to ensure that only active, genuine users who engage with other parts of the platform can use this feature. This is likely a measure to reduce spam.

However, if you have permanently deleted your Facebook account, you must create a new one to use Facebook Marketplace fully.

Be Careful Using Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is like any other open marketplace where you do not know the seller and if the product is genuine. Checking ratings, feedback, and other things that can help you validate the offer is always a good idea.


Q: Is Facebook Marketplace safe?

A: Scams are prevalent nowadays, and Facebook Marketplace is no exception. You may risk losing your money if you are not careful when buying or selling items on Facebook Marketplace. So ensure you do all possible verification, check for references, their messages don’t get edited, and never transfer the total amount unless you have the product.

Q: Does Facebook Marketplace charge for listing products?

A: While listing your product is free, Meta charges a processing fee for sales made using the available payment method. However, for those who use Shopify, sales will be subject to the same transaction fees as your website.

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