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Adjust SmartThings Settings On Galaxy Note 9

Adjust SmartThings Settings On Galaxy Note 9

As we have repeatedly mentioned in our previous Samsung Galaxy Note 9 articles, this device comes with a lot of amazing features which you might not success in getting hold of if you don’t know where they are in the first place. For instance, do you know how to edit the SmartThings settings on your smartphone? There are very few people who know how to adjust this feature settings because of the complexities of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 settings. But worry less because we are here to help you out where the user manual falls short of answers.

SmartThings Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There are several ways through which to access the SmartThings settings but the easiest way is by following the directions below;
More Options > Settings.
From the settings page of the SmartThings feature, you can be able to adjust any of the following settings;

  1. Samsung Account: From here, you can access and manage every detail of your Samsung account.
  2. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth auto on: These settings is used to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features automatically as soon as you launch the SmartThings app to enable you discover other devices.
  3. Visible to devices. When your settings read that your device is visible, it means that other Bluetooth devices can find you. This is possible because of Bluetooth Low Energy Scanning.
  4. Accept invitation (QR code): This is an option to accept invitations to access and control local devices via QR code scanning.
  5. Cloud control: This setting enables you to monitor and control the cloud-connected devices over the internet. Note however that you will incur additional charges for using your mobile data to control such devices.
  6. SmartThings panel: For quick access, you can allow the display of the SmartThings panel on the notification panel.
  7. Auto update device controller: Enabling this option lets your device to automatically download and install device controllers’ updates.
  8. Use location information. This works in partnership with the GPS settings. By doing so it provide information about your Galaxy Note 9 location for automation purposes.
  9. Update Wi-Fi information: If you have reset or changed the Wi-Fi network’s name or password, you can update the Wi-Fi information whenever possible.
  10. Accounts: Manage accounts for services linked to SmartThings.
  11. About SmartThings. This is where you can view the app version of the SmartThings feature. You can also check for updates if they are available.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of settings that you can tweak for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 SmartThings feature. The best part is that, you can disable some of these settings. You can do this if you do not want them to be active. Turn them back on if you find the need to use them.
Samsung SmartThings feature is a very friendly app that gives you access to quick settings in a simpler way. Once you master how to tweak the SmartThings settings, you will have no issue using it at any time anywhere. Start practicing now and with time, you will be able to adjust all the SmartThings settings without referring to any manual on your own for your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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