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Posted by Arch on July 17, 2019
not registered on network

Although Google says that the “not registered on Network” error isn’t an Android problem, this error frequently occurs on Samsung Galaxy models, which are among the most popular Android phones on the market. If this error message pops up, it means that your service provider isn’t getting notified of your IMEI number.

Generally, this error may occur due to outdated firmware or software. It’s a common Android issue that happens on Vodafone, Virgin, Rogers, Airtel, T-Mobile, and AT&T devices. It even occurs if you root the phone. Here’s how to fix this issue.

Try Re-Inserting Your SIM Card

As the issue is persistent with most providers, re-inserting your SIM card may help. The problem might be related to awkward SIM card positioning. Make sure that you power off your phone, wait for some time (until it cools off) and take out the SIM card. Wait for a couple of minutes, reposition the card properly and wait for a couple more. Turn on your phone and see if the error message persists.

Try Re-Inserting Your SIM Card

Select the Provider Manually

The error may occur because your phone can’t auto-select the proper provider. If this is the case, you should try selecting it manually. Go to Settings -> Wireless -> Networks. Tap Mobile Networks and then go to Networks Operators. Your device will then start searching for available networks.

Let your phone work for up to a minute. Once it has listed all the available networks, select yours and restart the device. When it turns back on, see if it is still connected to the network that you chose. If it isn’t, go through the process again, but don’t restart the device this time. You might have to do this every time you restart the phone. Check if the error still persists.

Select the Provider Manually

Software Update

Regardless of the error type, checking for updates is always a good thing to try if things aren’t working properly. The “not registered on network” error is no exception here. First, make sure that your phone is connected to a wireless network, as updates tend to be large in size. Go to Settings and tap Software update.

Now, select Download updates manually and let your device download the most recent one and install it. Depending on your Wi-Fi connection, this process might take a while. Once the software is installed, the phone will auto-reboot. After it is all done, see if the “not registered on network” error still appears.

Update the APN

Your APN (or Access Point Name) settings mostly depend on your network provider, and updating the APN can resolve this error. Navigate to Settings -> Connections -> Mobile Networks and click on the ‘ADD’ icon in the upper right corner. When prompted, enter the APN details provided by your operator.

Root the Device and Install a Patch

If none of the above solutions fix this annoying error, you might have resort to installing a patch. ARIZA Patch is a known fix for the “not registered on network” error, so giving it a go might work, even if you aren’t usually a fan of third-party patches and upgrades. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Reboot your device. It is very important to restart your mobile to prepare it for changes.
  2. Go to the Google Play Store and search for an app called ‘Busy Box’. This app will help you run Root Apps on Android.
  3. Install the ARIZA Patch. Do this by finding and clicking the APK file, found in your Files Manager folder.
  4. Wait for the patch to install. Once it’s done, restart your phone.

See if the “not registered on network” error is still present.

Replace Your SIM Card

If none of the above solutions work, chances are that you have a faulty SIM card. Unfortunately, this is a problem that you can’t fix from the comfort of your home. Go to your provider and ask them to check if the SIM card is working. If it really is malfunctioning, your provider should give you a new one, free of charge, and this won’t change your phone number.

Have Your Phone Serviced

If the problem still persists, check your warranty. If you are still eligible, do not take your phone to a third-party service. Go to wherever you bought the phone and explain what the problem is. This might be somewhat of a hassle, but your phone retailer will either service your phone or provide you with a new one.

Issue Fixed?

Some of these are bound to help you with your issue. At the very least, once your phone is serviced, or once you are given a new phone, the error message will no longer appear.

Have you ever had to deal with the “not registered on network” error? Did one of these methods work for you? Or did you have to get your phone serviced or replaced? In the comments below, you can share your thoughts on the subject, as well as suggest fixes that aren’t listed here.

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