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App Keeps Crashing On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Solution)

App Keeps Crashing On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Solution)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is soon to be launched but we are already receiving concerns from leaked tests that apps are crashing constantly on the smartphone with no apparent reason at all. At least that is what the most users would think.

These are common problems and at one point or another any smartphone can experience similar problems. This does not mean that you should live with this problem forever especially when the problem persists. Not especially since there are many solutions you can attempt to solve the issue.

One of the easiest and common fixes is to try and update the software version on your smartphone because apps crash because they need an update. If that doesn’t work, you can always try any of the alternative solutions listed below and see if the crashing apps on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be fixed.

Solution #1-Resetting Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 To Factory Settings

In our list, we have started with resetting the factory defaults not because it is the best solution but because it is the most effective. Why are we saying that the Galaxy Note 9 is not the best solution, well, the reason is simple. There are other solutions which can get rid of the problem without necessarily posing a risk to your data.

Resetting your smartphone to the factory settings gives it a brand new start just as you found it when you purchased it. With everything cleared including Google accounts, you will need to configure everything afresh. The best practice is to perform the factory reset after backing up all your files including photos, videos and accounts. After the factory reset, you phone should be able to launch apps without them crashing.

Solution #2 Unnecessary Apps Removal On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Before you remove an app, you should be sure that it the one causing the crashing issue. When these third party apps cause the crashes, there is a need to perform a thorough cleanup to get rid of such apps which are no longer required. Besides that, deleting these apps helps to free up more space for other important apps.

Solution #3 Get Rid Of Faulty Applications On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There are times when apps start crashing whenever you open a specific application which means that the app is absolutely responsible for the crashing episodes. There is no need to look for other causes because this phenomena is enough to suspect this application.

You can launch a complaint with the app developer and let them know that their app is faulty. You can also look on Google Play Store under the app if some users have similar complaints as yours. If there are similar complaints, you need to get rid of the app as soon as possible.

Solution #4 Often Restart Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

As we have mentioned time and again, a simple restart can do you wonders. There are many times when your smartphone needs a fresh reboot. If your smartphone has been awake for a long duration of hours its performance may be slow hence making it impossible for certain apps to operate properly and thus they start crashing. Give your smartphone a reboot and the fresh start may be all its needs to prevent the apps from crashing.

Solution #5 Clearing App Data And The Cache On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Just as the internal memory gets stuffed so can the cache memory of any system. It helps to clear the cache and to delete the app data of the frequently crashing data. To wipe the apps data and cache, go to the applications manager from your settings menu. Locate the app and once in the app menu, tap on the clear cache then delete app data.

After deleting the app data, restart your smartphone and launch the app again. At this point, you should not experience the crashing episodes on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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