Back Button Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Note 9– Solution

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 user facing problems with the back button? If you own the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you should make an attempt to learn about the button issues because unlike the previous Samsung models, the new Samsung flagship projects do not have some buttons we were used to. If any of the buttons fail to work or respond in the normal way, you should be able to figure out what the problem is. The volume controls or the power button could fail but today we are more interested in is the back button on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.
How will you tell when the back button is running correctly? It is simple, if you tap on the button, it should light up and that is how you will know it is working. But you shouldn’t panic because there are times when the light doesn’t appear when you tap the button because of low battery and the smartphone needs to preserve the remaining battery power. In any case if the back button appears to be unresponsive, you can try fixing the issue using the following recommended steps;

Fixing Back Button Not Working On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone
  2. Access the Samsung settings on your device from the apps folder
  3. Go to the Quick settings option
  4. Touch on the Power Saving option then locate the Power Saving Mode
  5. Tap the Power Saving Mode and from the screen, choose the Restrict Performance settings
  6. Locate the Touch Key Light option and uncheck this option in the box located next to it

When you change the settings as shown above, the touch key lights for the back button should light up any time you tap on this button. With this settings, your smartphone will no longer turn of the touch light for the back button even with your battery being low so you can stop worrying that the button is not working. These are some of the simple tweaks you should learn to avoid unnecessary worry when using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

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