The Best Chrome Extensions to Stop Procrastinating [July 2019]

Procrastination is the number one enemy of productivity. Even if you don’t have any time to kill, you may end up in a vicious cycle of aimless browsing and scrolling through your social media feeds. These activities are relaxing and fun in moderation, but they can also strain your focus and make it hard to go back to work.

Luckily, there are Chrome extensions that help you kick the habit and stay on top of your game during peak productivity hours. In general, these are designed to remove all the distractions from your browser, in order to keep your focus in check.

In addition to these, there are extensions that allow you to achieve better organization and more productive browsing experience. Check out all our top picks below.

Stop Procrastinating – Chrome Extensions Top Picks

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook

Facebook is one of the most useful tools for staying in touch with your friends or even clients. And if you are in the digital marketing/promotion industry, using this social network is a must. However, it’s easy to get lost in the news feed and drift away from the actual work you need to do.

Best Chrome Extensions to Stop Procrastinating

News Feed Eradicator for Facebook removes the entire feed and puts an inspiring quote in its place to remind you of what’s important. At the same time, you still have access to Facebook Messenger, ads, and events. This extension also includes customizable quotes, and it won’t strain your network or CPU.

Adblock Plus

Follow an ad to a product or website you like, and soon enough you’ll be spending time away from your work. If you factor in the time it takes to watch or remove the ads before you get to the content, this alone might waste half an hour of your time every day.

The Best Chrome Extension to Stop Procrastinating


With more than 10 million users, Adblock Plus is among the most popular extensions in its category. It blocks pop-ups, video ads, banners, and other advertising you may find intrusive. This extension also stops malware and tracking software to provide better user privacy.

The main pros of this extension are the customizable blocking options and overall ease of use. However, it’s important to note that Acceptable Ads are displayed by default. The extension discerns between nonintrusive and intrusive ads and shows only those that won’t distract you.


You can’t improve your productivity unless you track your time and find out how much you tend to procrastinate. Designed as an all-encompassing tracker, RescueTime keeps tabs on the time you spend on background apps and websites. Plus, you get an overall productivity percentage from the extension, which can help you determine if there’s been any improvement.

Best Chrome Extension to Stop Procrastinating

RescueTime utilizes auto-categorization software to gauge which websites and apps are a source of distraction for you. It also pinpoints the apps/websites you’ve been using productively, and there are a few categories in between. Of course, the settings can be fine-tuned to reflect your workflow and you can easily pause the extension when needed.

To take full advantage of RescueTime, set your productivity goals first and use the collected data to see which applications and websites make you procrastinate. Then you can make a conscious effort to refrain from using them.


Momentum turns the dull Chrome homepage into an inspirational productivity window that should help you improve the workflow. The extension displays cool background images and motivational quotes which could be the perfect remedy for your Monday blues. There is also a built-in to-do list for each day, to help you track your tasks.

Extensions to Stop Procrastinating

On top of that, this extension comes with a customizable dashboard that hides and shows your widgets. Plus, you get to set reminders for top priority tasks for each day and there’s even a quick preview of the current weather.


Aside from procrastination, browser clutter is one of the main culprits that can prevent you from getting the job done. If you often need to open numerous tabs to find a piece of information or do a quick cross-reference, OneTab is for you.

Chrome Extensions to Stop Procrastinating

Switching between those tabs not only wastes your time but also disrupts your focus. OneTab is a simple extension that collects all your opened tabs and compresses them into just one tab.

With a single click, this extension closes your tabs and adds them to a list. The list gives you a great overview of the websites you were browsing, and you can easily restore one or all of them at once. The developer claims you’ll also be able to save up to 95% of your memory by using OneTab.


Some websites are just too interesting to miss, but they pull you away from your work all too easily. Pocket is an extension that allows you to save the content you like and view it later on any device.

Chrome Extension to Stop Procrastinating


It can save webpages, videos, recipes, and articles. All the content goes to a single window which is easy to navigate. Pocket also works offline and there is a proprietary Android app you can use. After watching the videos or reading the articles, you can share them to social media or email them to a friend.

Unlike most other extensions, Pocket has a community aspect as well. This means you can connect to your friends via Pocket and share the saved web content within the extension.

Step Up Your Game

Now that you have all the right tools, why not combine them? For example, use RescueTime to keep track of your habits, OneTab for your lists, and Pocket to store all the pages you like. If you also install Adblock Plus, you get an excellent productivity extension suite.

We’d like to know which extensions are your favorite, and don’t hesitate to give us suggestions for extensions that are not in this article. Why wait? Go ahead and leave us a few lines in the comments section below.

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