The Best Offline No WiFi Music Apps for iPhone

Posted by Jamie on April 15, 2019

While streaming is definitely the best way to consume your music, there are going to be times when that isn’t possible. Times when you’re close to your data limit, traveling, in a location with a poor signal or something else entirely. It is for those times that no WiFi music apps for your iPhone will come in useful.

If you’re trying to save data or are regularly in places with no WiFi or 4G, having a ready collection of music on your phone is a way to keep boredom at bay without being connected. With newer phones having decent storage and the ability to expand it with SD cards, storing your music locally is a useful way to get what you need.

Here are a selection of the best no WiFi music apps for iPhone. They offer the same streaming access you’re used to but also the ability to download to your device.

Apple Music

It makes sense to start with Apple Music. It is built into iOS so is included with your iPhone. You will need to pay $9.99 to access all of the content and download it to your phone. If you’re coming from iTunes and have a catalog of purchased music already, you can use that too.

Apple Music has a huge selection of music from across genres and millions of individual tracks. It’s a very credible source for music and is one of the strongest offerings out there right now. Apple Music is available from the App Store but should already be on your phone.

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium is another viable no WiFi music app for iPhone. While predominantly designed to stream, you can download to your device too if you stump up the $9.99 a month for the privilege. It’s a good deal really as you get access to millions of tracks, avoid ads, use the app however you like and can listen offline.

The design of Spotify is refreshingly simple, with a clean UI, logical navigation and a powerful search function. Given how much content is on here, search is vital. Spotify Premium is available from the App Store.

SoundCloud Go

SoundCloud Go also allows you to listen to your music offline. This platform, like Spotify should need little introduction. A massive repository of individual tracks and albums, radio streams and every genre you can think of and several you didn’t. SoundCloud Go is cheaper than Spotify, at $4.99 a month and offers access to everything on the platform.

The design is clean and well put together. It isn’t quite as intuitive as Spotify but still manages to make short work of searching, browsing and playing music. SoundCloud Go is available from the App Store.


Evermusic is slightly different than other streaming services. Rather than access their streams, Evermusic allows you to create your own using cloud storage. You upload your music to one of the major storage services and the app helps create a stream from it. It also allows for offline play which is why it’s in this list.

Offline play requires you to download your music onto your phone and Evermusic will play it like a standalone player. It will also play audio books and other audio for extra diversity. The app is free too with a premium version at $2.99 without the ads. Evermusic is available from the App Store.


Deezer is a more traditional streaming music app offering access to a ton of content on the platform. There is a free version with ads or Deezer Premium at $9.99 a month. You will need Deezer Premium for offline play but is also lets you skip ads, skip tracks and a whole lot more.

The design of the app is simple, clean and uses attractive colors. Navigation and logical layouts make it a breeze to use and the simple Download toggle is the best out there. Deezer Premium is available from the App Store.


TIDAL Music is our final no WiFi music app for iPhone. It is a huge platform with thousands of albums, millions of tracks and even music videos. You will need TIDAL Music Premium to access offline content which $9.99 a month, down from $12.00 previously. In return you can download music and some videos to your iPhone.

The design isn’t as clean as Spotify or Deezer but is just as easy to use and to navigate. It’s a breeze to search, browse and download and makes short work of listening to your music online or offline. TIDAL Music is available from the App Store.

Those are what I think are the best no WiFi music apps for iPhone around right now. Each offers something slightly different and while you have to pay for most of them, that subscription unlocks a lot more than just offline play.

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