The Best Prepaid Phone Plans [November 2019]

When you opt for a prepaid phone plan, you buy a limited number of minutes, texts, and data. Also, you don’t commit to any contract.

If you think you are losing a lot of money on the phone bill at the end of each billing cycle, prepaid phone plans are for you. You can pay for your telecommunication services in advance, and the services stop once you exceed your limit.

There are plenty of wireless carriers who offer packages in a different price range. This article will look at some of the best offers for prepaid phone plans.

1. Metro by T-Mobile


Metro by T-Mobile has the best overall price for different packages.

For $40, you get 10GB of high-speed LTE data. You can stream music from 40 different apps without using up your data. If you like to listen to a bunch of music and not worry about using up your megabytes, this package is for you.

Metro offers great rates for the unlimited plan, too. For $50, you get unlimited data, 5GB of hotspot data, and 100GB of Google One storage. For $60, you also get Amazon Prime!

T-Mobile also offers a nice discount for each additional line. So, if you take the $60 package for four additional phone lines, you will only pay $150.

2. US Mobile

us mobile

US Mobile offers its users a chance to customize their own plan. You don’t get to choose from three or four ready-made plans. Instead, you can pick one of 800 different combinations.

There are plans that start at only $4 a month. They then increase depending on how much resources you want to have available. For example, unlimited plans go from $40 to $65 based on the network speed that you prefer. You can choose Standard (1Mbps), Fast (5Mbps), and Ludicrous (up to 150Mpbs).

Besides this, US Mobile offers other great features. For example, if you need to freeze your prepaid number, you can do it for just $2 a month. This way, you will not lose your phone number and you can reactivate it whenever you want.

3.  PureTalk

pure talk

PureTalk is a young but competitive provider that is slowly rising in rank. It has cheap, attractive packages, but still lacks unlimited data options. They are battling top dogs in the market, though, so they still have some interesting offers. For example, they offer a ‘Risk-Free Guarantee’ which gives you the right to a full refund if you are not satisfied with the service during the first month.

The lowest plan is priced at $20 for unlimited talk and text and 500MB of high-speed data. The priciest plan is $45, which gives you 10GB of high-speed data.

Once you exceed the data limit, you will still have access to the internet. The speed will just switch to 128Kbps, so you won’t be able to stream videos or download big files. They will not charge you any extra fees when you go over your data limit and switch to a slower speed.

4. StraightTalk


StraightTalk was one of the first no-contract plan providers. They were also the first to allow the use of old phones with their package. They have a strong telephone signal that covers all of the country.

The cheapest plan is $35 a month for unlimited texts and calls (to both U.S and Canada) and 3GB of data. With the $55 plan, you will get unlimited LTE data.

The $60 monthly plan gives you 25GB of data at high speeds. After you cross this limit, you will have unlimited, but much slower, data. This plan also allows international calls. You will have unlimited calls to Canada, Mexico, India and an international landline of your choice.

5. AT&T


AT&T is one of the most popular providers. Their prepaid packages can be used with your old device as long as it supports the AT&T network. Due to its reliability and many partnering MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), a lot of phones support it.

AT&T offers powerful packages, but some of them are more expensive than other plans on this list. The cheapest goes at $30/month with unlimited texts and calls, but without data. You can add 250MB of data for $5 as many times as you like. If you want to opt for a cheap package, AT&T’s offer may not be the best.

On the other hand, the most expensive option goes for $85. You get unlimited texts, calls, and LTE data. You can stream videos in 1080p, and you also get 10GB of hotspot data.

Prepaid Back in Style

More and more providers are offering attractive prepaid plans. They are flexible, don’t commit you to credit check and contract, and can be cheaper if you choose wisely.

With the correct features and benefits, you can make your mobile service fit your specific telecommunication needs. Also, you no longer have to worry about any unpleasant surprises at the end of the billing cycle!

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