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Best Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals And Discounts

Best Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals And Discounts

If you are looking to buy a brand new smartphone that will give you value for your money, you shouldn’t look further than a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. But we recon it is not going to be cheap owning one of these state of the art Android devices and for that reason, we thought we should highlight some of the best deals and discounts offers that will be coming up in the market for the Galaxy Note 9.

Yes, there are a lot of retailers looking to stock the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as soon as it hits the market. However, being selective on where to buy can save you a lot of cash. We have a list which we shall keep on updating that contains some of the best Galaxy Note 9 deals in the market. You will come across sweet deals such as buy one get one free or discounts worth a whopping $ 150 off.

If you are in the United States, you can get the Galaxy Note which are available from all major carriers as well as all over the globe. If you are close to retail

er stores such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, you can pop in and ask for the Galaxy NOTE 9 offers. These retailers should already be stocking these Samsung flagship products from the 16th of March. Before we go wallowing into third-party retailers, we should also mention that you can get the Samsung Galaxy

The only downside is that this time round, you are not going to be treated to the crazy offers that Samsung used to provide before. However, there is still something of an incentive for you such as the free VR headset or a micro SD card. Different stores will sell at different prices, but there will always somewhere you can get the lowest price for the Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Deals

The best deal for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphones is currently being offered by Wal-Mart as they always have the best deals for smartphones long before the release. However, this is an in-store only deal meaning you can’t get it from anywhere else.

Buying the Galaxy Note 9 from Wal-Mart will give you a discount worth $150 or thereabout as has been the trend when you sign a new installment on AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. Wal-Mart charges you $764 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone instead of the standard $ 900 that you would pay elsewhere meaning any deal for the Note 9 will be highly subsidized. The prices from Wal-Mart and Samsung website are not gouging and this is why you should consider purchasing from these two sources first.

If you switch to AT&T or Verizon, you stand to save about $ 500 but there are very few users who are willing to switch carriers. But if you are not able to get your own Galaxy Note 9 from Wal-Mart, you should try out the Wallyworld or Best Buy retail stores.

Samsung’s Store

They say if you want the best and authentic product, you should ask from the source. In simple terms, what we are suggesting is that you can obtain your order of the much talked about Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 from the manufacturer’s stores. Due to transport costs and other logistics, the carriers will charge more for any product but if you chose to go to the Samsung stores, you can get the Galaxy NOTE 9 at about $ 100 less price. Moreover, there are better trade-ins deals that you are bound to get from Samsung as well. And this comes instantly.

If you were to order for the Galaxy S9 smartphone, you would only need to have $ 719 from the Samsung stores compared to $ 799 you would need to buy the same product from a carrier such as Verizon. This will instantly save you $ 80. The trade-in on will give you $ 370 for the Galaxy S9.

For the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, you should be able to acquire this gorgeous item for only $ 839 compared to the $ 930 and $ 940 required for the same item from Verizon and AT&T respectively. It stands clear that the Note 9 will probably cost you much lesser if you are to order it directly from Samsung stores.

At the moment, you can enjoy a great trade-in deal of up to $ 350 if you have a qualifying smartphone. For the maximum trade-in value, customers are required to have a relatively new model smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or a new iPhone.

If you succeed in coming up with such a smartphone, a trade-in at Samsung stores will guarantee you a brand new phone such as the Galaxy Note 9 a much lower price. You can trade-in a Google Pixel 2, iPhone X, LG G7 or similar smartphones for a discount of about $ 350.

For easy management of your payment or financing you get an instant $350 off and all you have to do is deliver your trade-in phone within a period of 15 days.

Best Buy Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals

Best Buy is also a good alternative choice if you fail to get your copy of your Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 Plus smartphone from the previously mentioned stores. The deals at Best Buy are actually in perfect harmony with what other retailers are offering. They match nearly all the carriers apart from T-Mobile and what is best is that you are given a token of appreciation of $ 100 for choosing gadgets from them and not your carrier.

Currently Best Buy are offering the $100 off deal for the Galaxy S9 which is similar to what you would get from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. There are some expected changes for the Note 9 but nothing way of the previous deals when the Note 9 launches later this August. As if that is not enough, Best Buy will give you the option for a 24-month interest free financing if you are to use the Best Buy credit card to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

T-Mobile Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals

Are you looking for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 at 50% off promotion? Well, look no further than the T-Mobile stores. They have a habit of running limited offer promotions of 50% off and they do actually match the pricing from Samsung stores. The 50% off is actually tied to a trade-in.

At $719, you will be able to acquire a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone and to sweeten the deal, T-Mobile also provide you the option for $30 a month on an equipment installment plan. If you were to go for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there is a huge chance, you would only pay about $930 which is similar to the leaked pricing at Alternatively, you can put down a $120 upfront for installment of $30 a month or a value in that range.

The only deal that is different from what Samsung are offering is the $400 discount that you will enjoy by trading-in an old phone that qualifies for the trade-in for the Galaxy S9. However, unlike the Samsung trade-in, the one you will get from T-Mobile is not instant but instead, it is spread over a period of payment in form of credit-off for your monthly bill. In essence, you will pay less every month which cumulatively will come to about $400 off.

AT&T Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals

AT&T have been offering smartphone deals for quite some time now and this time round, they should be offering a pretty decent 50% off deal for the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 smartphone as has been the case with previous smartphones.

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 offers from AT&T, you can follow their website once the Note 9 launches. The only downside to the deal is that you will be required to add a new line which applies to the existing customers or just any new customer can qualify for this deal as long as you are buying a line from AT&T as well.

Note that the NOTE 9 Galaxy offer at AT&T is a limited time offer which means it won’t stay up for long. And as soon as you acquire your product, make sure to setup the auto-pay and get a paperless billing. Unfortunately, none of that is optional if you want to qualify for the deal.

Verizon Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals

Just like anyone else in the market, Verizon are also offer their customers a trade-in deal worth $350. But unlike what you would get elsewhere, the deal from Verizon is sweetened for new customers who stand to gain a $150 MasterCard gift card. In total, you will save $500 for the Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 smartphone.

Just recently, Verizon ran buy one get one promotion for the Galaxy S9 and for those who were keen enough, you must have reaped huge. But there are more offers to come so keep watch for the Verizon deals from time to time when Samsung makes the Note 9 available in stores.

Verizon lets you pay $33.33 a month for 24 months in their offers and so you can wait for specific Note 9 offer or go ahead and buy it with full payment.

As earlier indicated, the trade-in at Verizon works in almost the similar way as with any other carrier. You will have to hand in your older Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, Note 8 Galaxy S8 Plus, S8 Active, iPhone 8 or iPhone X for the $350 off trade-in deal. If you have other models such as the Galaxy S7, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 Xl, LG G6 or the LG V30, you can trade-in for a discount of below $ 300. Any other models older than these which qualify for the trade will give you a trade-in deal way below $200 off.

What are you waiting for, trade in your older model of smartphone and enjoy the $450 off by swapping from a different carrier which means you will get the Galaxy NOTE 9 smartphone at almost half its price.

Sprint Galaxy NOTE 9 Deals

Just recently, there was a major announcement by Sprint for customers to enjoy the buy one get one free deal for the Galaxy S9 or lease one, get one free. For more information on that particular deal from Sprint, click here. If you lease on Samsung Galaxy NOTE 9 through Sprint Flex, you stand to gain a second device at absolutely no charge. Isn’t that awesome! Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the $33 monthly payment it is covered for you by Sprint on the second free gadget.

If you missed out on the AT&T or Verizon $500 off deal for the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, you can still get it with Sprint when the Note 9 becomes available. Just drop in a qualifying smartphone device for trade-in and switch from a different carrier to Sprint.

If you keenly observe the trade-ins, you will realize that the deals are almost identical across all the other carriers.

A Flex lease gives you a $33 a month payment plan deal for the Galaxy S9 but you may have cash at hand in which case you pay about $940 for it. This means, Sprint is cheaper by a considerable margin compared to Verizon and AT&T. For the Galaxy NOTE 9 Plus, you may have to pat with about $940 in direct sale or a $38 monthly payment plan.

At the moment, we do not have a list of all the phones that qualify for a trade-in because Sprint is yet to publish the full list. It would suffice to believe that the devices eligible for trade-in are similar as those of other carriers. For those new Sprint customers porting over a number, you can benefit from an additional VISA gift card worth $150. This will further pull down the price of the Galaxy NOTE 9 below the $500 mark.

Other Details

From the look of things it seems that Wal-Mart are the only ones offering a “real deal” for the Samsung smartphones and the Galaxy NOTE 9 smartphone will be no exception. With each coming day, we expect there to be more sweet deals for this Samsung flagship project product as more and more retailers get into the market. Look out for an opportunity for savings from Best Buy and other stores in August and coming months.

There is an option to buy the Galaxy Note 9 at heavily discounted prices if you still can’t afford to purchase it at the prevailing prices. Stay tuned on our page for upcoming updates on the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


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