The 50 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now – October 2017

on Netflix right now

Whether you’re taking a sick day, trying to survive a wet weekend, or just feel like a bit of binge watching, Netflix is the answer. If you’re not sure what to watch, Tech Junkie is here to help. We are Netflix addicts and watch whatever we can whenever we can. So if you’re looking for the best shows on Netflix right now, read on!

In no particular order:

1. Cleverman

This Australian series moves back and forth between a gritty real-world setting and the Dreaming, a sort of parallel time envisioned by Australian Aboriginal mythology and populated by fantastic creatures. The story focuses on two brothers who have to straddle the two worlds when one of them becomes the Cleverman: a sort of conduit between the present and the eternal Dreaming.

2. Stranger Things

It’s a bit X-Files, a bit Aliens, a bit E.T., and even a bit Dungeons & Dragons–Stranger Things is a grab bag of sci-fi tropes. It’s also more than a bit good, especially if you’re familiar with 80s sci-fi movies and influences.

3. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie are two older women who don’t much like each other. Their husbands, on the other hand, are in love–and run away together, leaving the two women to figure out what to do with their lives now. Grace and Frankie move in together, and an odd-couple comedy ensues as they navigate their shared, strange situation.

4. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

Part of this darkly funny children’s book series was made into a movie starring Jim Carrey back in 2004. Now Neil Patrick Harris has picked up the torch as the evil Count Olaf, who makes the lives of three charming orphans a Kafkaesque series of… well, it’s in the title.


5. Arrow

A rich dilettante finds his purpose in fighting crime by night, using his martial arts skills and a penchant for special equipment. It’s not Batman–it’s Arrow. Sometimes exciting, sometimes goofy, always fun, this show proved that the DC television universe could be more entertaining than their big-screen adventures.

6. Penny Dreadful

In the 1800s, “penny dreadfuls” were cheap novels filled wit bloody, lurid, trashy stories. This series embraces the name, mashing up elements from Victorian horror into something that’s gorgeous, scary, sexy, and ridiculous. The story follows a team of Victorian stock characters–including an American cowboy and Dr. Frankenstein–as they fight the forces of evil. A superb performance by Eva Green anchors the show through its twists and turns–her character goes through so many situations that this series could be her entire resume.

7. Sense8

Sense8, from the Wachowskis, is exactly what you would expect: rich, undulating, engaging and sometimes a little confusing. It is also excellently written, well executed, and poignant at times. The show follows eight people all over the world who mysteriously begin feeling everything the other seven feel.

8. Sons of Anarchy

No Netflix best show list would be complete without Sons of Anarchy. One of the best shows on any platform, this biker drama has great highs and lows, and loves to build the pressure before letting it all out in a gunfight. Well worth watching.

9. Bloodline

The Rayburns are a respected family that owns a successful hotel in the Florida Keys. But they may only be respected because their family secrets have stayed hidden. “We’re not bad people,” the tagline runs, “but we do bad things.” The story wrapped up with Bloodline‘s third and final season in May, 2017.

10. Arrested Development

This show was too funny to last long on network television, but Netflix resurrected it for a fourth season a few years ago. Arrested Development was really a comedy for the binge-watching era, packed with clever call-backs and call-forwards. The whole series is zany in a way most shows don’t have the nerve to be, and tightly put-together in a way most shows can only wish they were.

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11. Orange is the New Black

This show plunges you into the weird and depressing world of women’s prisons. Orange is the New Black has received Emmy nominations as both a comedy and a drama, which might give you an idea of the range this show covers between quirky personalities and serious issues like prison overcrowding.

12. GLOW

This new Netflix original comedy is about the real-life promotion Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a women’s professional wrestling circuit started in the mid-80s. It’s a fun ride as the ladies break into a business that combines over-the-top personas with grueling athleticism.

13. Into the Badlands

Sometimes you want great drama, and sometimes you want great fight scenes. Into the Badlands is almost entirely concerned with delivering the latter, following a wandering warrior through a spectacular kung-fu post-apocalypse. It’s always action-packed, and sometimes it makes sense, too.

14. The Flash

The Flash is a good way to get a little superhero action without having to deal with formulaic writing and over-the-top action sequences. A spin-off of Arrow, taking place in the DC Comics universe, The Flash is nicely done with lots going on in each episode.

15. Call the Midwife

Call the Midwife is an unlikely Netflix hit, but a hit is exactly what it deserves to be. Based in post-war England, this is a period drama done as only the Brits can do them. It may seem banal on paper but it’s curiously engaging, even addicting once you start watching.

16. Riverdale

The Archie comics come to weird life in this 2017 series. It can be a little surreal to see the bright colors and familiar characters like Jughead, Betty, and Veronica merged with the sexy, eerie themes of a CW show. The end result is unique and engrossing.

17. Sherlock

This BBC production brings the famous detective Sherlock Holmes into the modern era, where he solves convoluted and improbable crimes with his trademark genius. The inimitable Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Holmes while Martin Freeman provides the show’s heart as Dr. Watson.

18. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

This miniseries, based on the acclaimed fantasy novel, takes us back to an alternate Regency-Period England, where two rival magicians bring real magic into the world and try to control its effects.

19. Mad Men

Ah those were the days! Back when men could drink and smoke at work and everything was much simpler–or maybe not. Mad Men is stylish, perfectly paced, and well-acted. If you’re after something without guns or superheroes, this fits the bill perfectly.

20. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

A high-achieving lawyer ditches her career to move cross-country and try to win back her long-gone ex-boyfriend. That could be the weirdest thing going on in this romantic comedy, if the characters didn’t keep breaking into song. That’s right–it’s a smart, funny, modern musical comedy.

21. Breaking Bad

What is there to say about Breaking Bad that hasn’t been said already? It’s a 21st masterpiece that’s as funny as it is poignant and as entertaining as it is shocking. Everyone should watch it.


22. Better Call Saul

Anyone who has seen Breaking Bad will recognize Saul in this spinoff as a shady lawyer trying to make it good in New Mexico and falling in with the bad guys. It is easily as good as Breaking Bad, which is a nice change for a spinoff and a high bar to clear.

23. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In this silly, effervescent comedy, Kimmy Schmidt emerges from a bunker after the doomsday she was expecting never happens–and she gets to discover the modern world all at once, with the help of an array of fun characters.

24. The Walking Dead

This tale of brutality and survival in the zombie apocalypse has had its ups and downs, but the high points–especially in Season 4–were some of the best and most intense on TV. Netflix doesn’t have the most recent season, but maybe that’s for the best–consider stopping with “The Distance” in Season 5 to leave the show at a satisfying endpoint.

25. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire SlayerFirefly, and the first two Avengers movies) created this spin-off from the Marvel cinematic universe, following the adventures of a tight-knit squad of secret agents as they navigate a world of massive conspiracies, space aliens, and superheroes.

26. BoJack Horseman

This adult animated comedy straddles wacky absurdity and existential despair in a weirdly gripping way. BoJack is an aging actor who starred in a hit sitcom in the 90s and wants to get his career going again. Oh, and BoJack is a horse. His agent is a cat. It’s that kind of show.

27. Dear White People

This well-written new series blends funny, heartfelt college hi-jinks with some incisive social commentary. Based on the movie by the same name from 2014, Dear White People follows students of color at an overwhelmingly white Ivy League school, with all the social awkwardness and political tension that brings.

28. The Get Down

Baz Luhrmann, who directed Moulin Rouge and the 1996 Romeo + Juliet, brings his bombastic style to this series about New York City’s music scene in the 1970s. That’s right–another one of the best shows on TV right now is a musical. What a time to be alive.

the get down

29. The 100

After a nuclear apocalypse, humanity fled to the safety of an orbital space station. Almost 100 years later, with their life support systems starting to give out, they send 100 juvenile delinquents to Earth’s surface to find out if anything can live there. It turns out some humans survived, but their civilizations display all the craziness you’ve come to expect from a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It’s a fun, suspenseful adventure.

30. Supergirl

Here’s another solid entry in the DC TV universe. Maybe you already know the story of Superman: he came to Earth from a dying planet and was adopted by the Kent family, before becoming Earth’s greatest superhero. It turns out he wasn’t supposed to grow up alone–his cousin Kara Zor-El was supposed to come with him to raise him, but because of a timey-wimey space disaster she arrived on Earth 24 years after Superman did. Kara ends up needing to survive on Earth herself and find ways to use her powers for good, becoming a hero in the process.

31. Burn Notice

Michael Westen was a secret agent until his agency cut him loose and left him without any resources in Miami, Florida. Now he needs to put his spy skills to use as an independent contractor. At least he’s not alone: his ex-girlfriend, a former IRA operative, is there with him–so is an ex-Navy SEAL named Sam Axe (played by Bruce Campbell). With their help Westen fights bad guys and tries to figure out why he got “burned.”

32. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation takes a little while to warm up, but once it does this Office spinoff takes on a wonderful personality of its own. It’s humorous, lighthearted, and full of sincerity. It’s a modern day Friends without the bad haircuts.

33. The West Wing

Do you feel nostalgic for a bygone era when politics was all about smart people talking fast? So what if it was never quite the way Aaron Sorkin imagined it. The West Wing is a modern classic, perfect for binge watching. Cleverly done, well-acted, and full of comedic moments as well as dramatic ones, it is Aaron Sorkin at his best.

34. American Horror Story

This gruesome, frightening show explores a new, uniquely American horror setting each season. The excellent cast stay on from season to season, but play new parts in entirely separate stories.

35. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a Marvel spinoff that has much more depth than the usual fare. Very well done, and nicely acted, it’s also one of the few domestic TV shows that can do subtext well. If you’re looking for something a little deeper than the norm, this could be it. David Tennant, formerly of Doctor Who, anchors the show as hands-down the most frightening villain in the Marvel screen universe.

36. Archer

This brilliant (adult) animated comedy starts out about a bumbling spy in a goofball James Bond-style universe. Then after four seasons, just when most comedies would start going stale, the show completely changed its premise. After eight seasons and several more genre shifts so far, Archer has managed to stay fresh and funny.

37. Castlevania

Yes, Castlevania as in the video game series. This new animated show follows vampire hunter Trevor Belmont as he tries to protect his homeland from the evil Count Dracula. It’s a bloody, flashy, fun adventure with some great voice talent supporting it.

38. American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson

This series dramatized the “trial of the century” that split America in 1994. It goes into surprising and compelling depth with the celebrity politics and legal complications that made O.J. Simpson’s trial so bizarre. It’s an illuminating look at this moment in American history, but also a tremendously engaging drama in its own right.

39. Dexter

Dexter isn’t for the faint of heart but it’s clever, darkly funny, and very engrossing. Whoever thought of a serial killer working as a detective is a genius, and Michael C. Hall is brilliant in his role.

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40. Black Mirror

This acclaimed anthology show looks at the terrors of modern technology. Each episode explores a different way that human nature and near-future science can go horribly wrong. It’s thoughtful and scary–a series of too-plausible dystopian warnings.

41. The Twilight Zone

Rod Serling’s classic anthology series is still gripping today, telling stories of people trapped in strange and unexpected realities. Unlike some of the shows that have followed in The Twilight Zone‘s wake, there is usually a lesson to be learned. There’s a lot of variety in this show, as it tackles all sorts of different ideas–some scary, and some just supernatural.

42. The Magicians

It’s Harry Potter, but for disaffected Millennials–The Magicians is a more cynical, adult take on the “magic boarding school” trope. Based on a series of popular novels, the series follows a group of grad students as they try to sort out their ennui while exploring fantasy worlds and dealing with interdimensional horrors.

43. Master of None

This thoughtful and hilarious comedy comes from the mind of Aziz Ansari (who you may recognize as Tom from Parks and Recreation) and Alan Yang. Ansari stars as Dev, a middling commercial actor who has turned 30 and started wondering where, if anywhere, his life is headed.

44. Lost

Lost was the best thing on TV for a while. It’s very well written, with great characters, good storylines, nice locations and plenty of mystery. Despite some disappointments, this is definitely binge-worthy watching. The biggest mysteries may not pan out, but the characters and moment-to-moment drama keep it entertaining.

45. Futurama

The minds behind The Simpsons branced out with this goofy, clever cartoon about a modern-day loser who winds up in the 31st century. It’s a future filled with aliens, robots, weird science, and hypnotic toads commanding the airwaves.

46. House of Cards

House of Cards is the series that made Netflix, not the other way round. Clever, funny, and slick, this is one of the best Kevin Spacey possible to have. If you watch one thing on Netflix, let it be House of Cards.

47. Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is dark, bleak humor at its best. Edie Falco is a drug addicted nurse trying to hold it together through a dissolving marriage, changes and stresses at work, and coping with middle age. It’s an awesome show.

48. Jane the Virgin

This show is part Days of Our Lives, parts Arrested Development. It’s a hilarious whirlwind of plot twists–starting with the title character, Jane, getting implausibly artificially impregnated–with a surprising amount of heart. Jane the Virgin draws heavily on telenovela tropes, but it can win you over even if you’re someone who thinks Juegos de Fuego is a flavor of salsa.


49. Luther

Luther is another Brit import, and how all cop shows should be. It is dark, gritty, mean and intense. It takes hold of you and doesn’t let you go until it is good and ready to. Luther is an unlikely star of Netflix, but once you watch it you’ll know why.

50. The Last Kingdom

In the 9th century, England was split into separate kingdoms, all under constant attack by vikings from across the ocean. This fictionalized adventure follows a Saxon warrior named Uhtred through the conflicts that created England. Born to Saxon nobility but raised by the Danish Earl Ragnar, Uhtred’s loyalties are constantly tested.


Or, if you don’t have time for a full series, maybe you should check out the best shows on Amazon Prime and the best movies on Netflix.

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