The 60 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now [November 2019]

Posted by William Sattelberg on November 4, 2019

Though Netflix began its life as a rental-by-mail DVD service, it was the on-demand service that truly took Netflix from a successful company to the media giant it stands as today. What started as a simple alternative to the DVD service known as Netflix Instant became the main focus of the company. No longer was Netflix just a simple Blockbuster alternative; they were the future of television. Now, nearly ten years after Netflix truly started to take over the industry as a streaming service, they remain at the top of the pile of on-demand watching. While Hulu and Amazon Prime both offer their own competing services (in addition to the seemingly-endless stream of other options on the market today), Netflix has remained in power as the service to have. After all, the slang term is “Netflix and chill,” not “Crackle and chill.”

Netflix has become increasingly interested in being the “next HBO,” releasing a new comedy special at least once a week throughout 2017 and with nearly 80 original films added in 2018, leading us to assume an even larger 2019 is on the way. This is in addition to their original television output, all of which has made it obvious that Netflix wants to make sure their original productions are what keep subscribers coming back, not the films and shows the license from other areas. That isn’t to say, of course, that there isn’t some fantastic programming on Netflix worth watching right now. In addition to some fantastic originals, Netflix happens to be the best place to watch some of TV’s greatest shows, whether you’re looking to binge through the entire series or catch up before next season. We’ve already covered the best Netflix originals, so consider this list of the best shows on Netflix to be more focused on content picked up from other outside sources. We’ve also listed some of Netflix’s best international shows, some of which are billed as Netflix originals.

With all that said, these are the top 60 shows on Netflix for November 2019 in no particular order. Get ready for a night of binge-watching, as these shows represent the best non-originals Netflix has to offer. Take a look!

3 thoughts on “The 60 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now [November 2019]”

Heidi S Whitney says:
Thanks for the list. I just hit the Colony show hole and found out it doesn’t have a fourth season booooo! but now I have a list to choose from. Friends, Parks&Rec, and Arrested Development are faves. Maybe I will find something futuristic to replace Colony. 🙁
Thomas Jonson says:
“Dream on” is missing.
Terry says:
Why is Netflix showing a comment on the Dick Van Dyke Show saying “this show will be unavailable After September 30”?? I watch it every night and NEED this great show!!

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