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The Best Space Wallpapers for your Desktop

The Best Space Wallpapers for your Desktop

There is something both romantic and fascinating about space. It’s far from the final frontier but it is out of reach for most of us. That gives it a fascination that is hard to beat. Pictures of cars or movies are nice to have on the desktop but their allure quickly fades. Space on the other hand, has an appeal that could last a lifetime. With that in mind, I have put together this list of the best space wallpapers for your desktop.

Each listing is a website that has a collection of high quality space wallpapers for your Windows or Mac. They offer free images, require no registration and have a variety of real and rendered scenes from outer space. Enjoy!

The aptly named has a huge collection of space wallpapers that include the real, the imaginary and the fantastical. All are evocative of an era where living in space is a reality and are a sure fire way to brighten up your desktop. Quality is excellent, variety is plentiful and downloading takes a second. Ideal.

The awesomely named has a bunchy of great space wallpapers covering every aspect of our solar system. These are all real shots of the real universe, yet looking at some of them you wouldn’t think so. Quality is superb, variety is good and each one has a distinct character.

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NASA has quite a few images of space as you might imagine. You can use some of them as desktop wallpapers if you like. All of them are very high resolution and very, very detailed. All of them are real too although you do wonder when you look at some of the scenes!

Imgur collections

Imgur has a number of space wallpaper collections such as this one or this one. Most of them are rendered rather than real but are no less attractive for it. Each is HD, decent quality and feature a range of scenes. As this is Imgur, downloading is quick and easy. These 4K space wallpapers need to be seen to be believed too!


Wallpaperstop has a massive selection of desktop wallpapers and space features strongly among them. There are a wide variety of themes here from the imaginary to the realistic. Some are colorful, others monochrome. There is definitely something here for every taste though. All are at least HD too.


PCGamer did a piece on space wallpapers last year and I like some of them, I still have a couple here now they are that good. Some are rendered and as you would expect, some are from space games. All are of a very high quality and if you like games and space, this is a double bonus. also did a piece last year featuring 25 HD space wallpapers. I don’t usually piggyback off the work of others but these are awesome. The colors and the detail in each of them make it worth going against the grain just this once.


WallpapersCraft is a massive desktop wallpaper resource that has hundreds of space wallpapers. Most of them are renders but they are very good ones. Subjects vary from planets to space stations, nebula to supernova but all offer fantastic resolution and enough interest to stay relevant for a while. has a huge selection of space scenes at a range of resolutions, for single and multiple monitors. There is a mix of the real and the rendered once more but all are at least HD quality, free to download and easy to browse.


Pinterest has a bit of everything and as long as you don’t mind the carousel of going from collection to collection trying to find the source, you’re golden. This selection of space wallpapers is a real mixture of the real, the rendered and the pure fantasy. All of them are HD quality and interesting to look at.

Wallpaper Abyss

Wallpaper Abyss has a huge collection of space and sci-fi wallpapers. It also has artwork, gifs, avatars and videos and other resources should you want them. The wallpapers are a mixture of resolutions but all offer great detail across a huge range of subjects. You can further refine your search with the categories at the bottom of the page.


WallDevil has a range of movie, game and sci-fi inspired space wallpapers that are well worth checking out. Most are in HD with great detail and some very cool scenes. This site has some wallpapers I haven’t seen before such as Star Trek ones or renders of planets exploding. If space is your thing, this site will do.

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