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Use the Camera App Without Having to Unlock Your iPhone

Use the Camera App Without Having to Unlock Your iPhone

Apple’s newest security features, like the fingerprint sensor and six-digit passcode lock, batten down the hatches on your iPhone, making it nearly impossible for anyone without access to your finger or knowledge of your security code to unlock your device. This is good, especially if your phone is stolen or ends up in the wrong hands.

Sometimes, though, you need quick access to something, and having to wait through the two second pause while your iPhone scans your fingerprint or you enter in a security code to gain access to your phone’s most powerful apps, can make for missed opportunities.

How many times have you missed out on taking the perfect picture because you forgot your passcode or your fingers were wet and your iPhone couldn’t identify you? Good images are hard enough to come by without those problems.

Follow these instructions to bypass unlocking your phone to access the camera app when you’re in a hurry.

Step one: Turn the display on your phone

If your iPhone is in standby mode, turn on the display by hitting the Home button—that large, round button at the bottom of your screen—or the power button on the side of your iPhone. You should see your lock screen if done correctly.

Step two: Swipe up to reveal the Control Center

Control Center on iPhone

Using your index finger, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. This will reveal what is known as the Control Center, that space on your iPhone where you can turn on the flashlight, access Bluetooth, and quickly access settings and controls.

Step three: Hit the Camera iconCamera app on lock screen


The iPhone Camera app is helpfully tucked away in the Control Center on the bottom-right of your display. Tapping the Camera icon will instantly turn on your iPhone’s camera and you can begin snapping away.

Say “cheese!”

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