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How to Cancel Advertising in Waze

How to Cancel Advertising in Waze

Waze has a global community with more than 100 million users who spend, on average, approximately 12 hours per month using the app. It’s no wonder Waze took the opportunity to create Waze Local and promote it to business owners.

This is an advertising platform on Waze that is meant to promote physical stores in the app. While this feature might be useful for a while, there may come a time when you want to cancel it.

If you’re a business owner who used Waze advertising, you might wonder how cancellation works. In this article, we’ll explain the entire process of canceling your ads on the Waze app.

Pausing Waze Advertising

There are three types of Waze ad formats, Branded Pins, Promoted Search, and Zero Speed Takeovers. Branded Pins are somewhat similar to real-life store signs. They show up on the app screen to inform the driver that the business is on their route.

The second format is called Promoted Search. Your business appears at the top of the search results within the Waze app. The third format is called Zero Speed Takeovers. It’s essentially a digital billboard. And it appears once the driver makes a complete stop.

Depending on your budget and the advertising package you choose, you can have a variety of these advertising formats.

However, if you find these ads to be unsuccessful or negatively affecting your advertising budget, you can cancel them at any time.

Waze refers to this as “pausing” to encourage business owners to resume their ads at any time with ease. Here’s what you need to do to pause your Waze advertising:

  1. Go to your Waze business account. It’s recommended to access it via a web browser.
  2. On the left side panel, click on “Account Settings,” and then “Details.”
  3. Select “Pause Advertising.”

Your Waze advertising will be canceled immediately, and you won’t have any further charges. When you decide to continue with Waze ads, follow the same steps as above, but click on “Resume Advertising.”

Cancel Waze Advertising

How Does Waze Ads Charging Work?

Pausing your advertising on Waze is a simple process. But some business owners might have some unanswered questions about charging. Most importantly, they may want to know if they are being charged after they pause the ads.

The Waze app will always charge you for the adds the first week of each month. But keep in mind that this charge is for all the ads you’ve used for the previous month. When you choose to hit the “Pause Advertising” option, your ads will stop right away.

However, your bill won’t arrive immediately. You’ll need to wait for the first week of the following month to settle your account with Waze. And you will only be charged for the ads you’ve used up to the point you’ve hit pause on them. The billing date is not affected by how you choose to manage the ads, but the amount is.


Waze Maximum Daily Budget

One of the features Waze offers to help business owners manage their advertising expenses is the maximum daily budget. Before your ads run on the app, you set the maximum amount you’re willing the spend for each day.

Also, since billing takes place after your ads have run, if the credit card you used was declined, Waze will send an email asking you to update your payment information.

After that, the system will try to charge you again. If that fails too, Waze will make another attempt to collect in the following weeks. If you don’t settle the account, Waze will disable it. If you choose to run ads on Waze again, you’ll need to pay the debt first.

Waze Advertising

Quit Waze Advertising Feature Whenever You Like

There’s the potential for a lot of convenience with buying ads on Waze, both for business owners and for drivers who might visit your business. While other advertising options can be expensive, and smaller companies might not have the budget for ongoing campaigns, Waze allows them to pause it and resume whenever they please.

Did you ever place an ad on Waze? Let us know in the comment section below.

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