How To Change DNS On Galaxy S9

DNS simply refers to the Domain Name System. Most users of the Galaxy S9 will probably have heard of DNS without bothering to find out what it means. Seeing this now will no doubt pique your interest. In this blog post, we will aim to explain what the DNS means and how to change it on your smartphone.
DNS is the tool that helps you surf the Internet and access different websites. You do that with the ability to use names that have been written with letters.  Tweaking the DNS is not just about changing the Domain System but the server as well.
Some of the benefits associated with changing a Domain System include enhanced browsing speed, increased reliability and the ability to access blocked websites.

Steps of Changing the DNS on Android

  1. Clear the previous Wi-Fi networks
  2. Enter a DNS server you want to work with
  3. Scroll to the General Settings
  4. Click on Wi-Fi menu
  5. Locate your current Wi-Fi network
  6. Then tap the ”Forget” option
  7. Then tap on the name of the same Wi-Fi network a second time
  8. Input the password
  9. Scroll to find entry Advanced Options and click on it
  10. Select the IP setting option
  11. Switch the status from DHCP to Static
  12. Scroll down to DNS 1 and DNS 2
  13. Then input the DNS address you desire
  14. Then tap ”Join” and you are through with the process

You can also change your DNS server with the aid of a dedicated app. The Google Play Store provides a list of options

With the help of both apps, you do not have to root your Galaxy S9. When you enable the root access, you will be privy to some advanced functions for a limited amount of time. These alternatives are also capable of changing the SNS in Android devices.
When the DNSet and DNS Changer are both installed, it is imperative that you run the app and pick two servers that are available from the list of options.
Once you connect, a notification will be sent to you. When connected to 3G, the default SNS server cannot be changed so you will need the help of the Override DNS.
Override DNS is a third party app that works efficiently with root access.

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