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How to Change Your Public Name on the Wish App

How to Change Your Public Name on the Wish App

Wish is one of the best eCommerce websites around. Especially if you like cheap and often unusual purchases, and don’t mind waiting a bit longer for them to be delivered.

When you create a Wish account, you have to input your name. That becomes your public name on the Wish app, and it’s available for everyone to see when you leave reviews.

Plus, your wish list on the Wish app is attached to your name, and anyone who clicks on your profile can see it. But is there a way to change your name and privacy settings?

Changing Your Personal Information on Wish

When creating an account on any eCommerce website, most people put their full and real names in the profile. And why not? – it’s you who’s shopping, and it’s you who’s going to be waiting for that package to arrive at your doorstep.

But just because you wrote your name, it doesn’t mean that you want everyone to see it. Here’s the thing, when you write a review on Wish, your name is displayed directly under the text. And then, anyone who sees that review, can click on your name and open your profile.

There, along with your name, they can see your profile picture and, surprisingly, your wish list. That makes a lot of people uncomfortable, especially if your real name is connected to your Wish profile.

How to Change Public Name on the Wish App

But there is something you can do about it. You can go back to the Settings and change your name in order to have anonymity. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Use your desktop or laptop computer to visit the Wish.
  2. Log into and then select “Account Settings”.”
  3. Find the Profile section and then type in whatever you want in the First and Last name fields.

The page will automatically save changes. You can also update your birthday information and change the profile photo.

Changing the Name on the Mobile App

If you’re using the Wish app only on your mobile device, you can access these settings that way too. Make sure that you have the latest version of the Wish app for Android and iOS and then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wish app and tap on the Menu icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select “Settings” and then “Account Settings”.
  3. Select “Update Profile”.
  4. Enter the First and Last name you want.
  5. Tap on “Save Changes”.
How to Change Your Public Name on Wish App

If you’re wondering why Wish would allow anyone to access your Wish List, the company has never provided an answer, and it’s uncertain if they’ll make a change. But there could be a clue in their history.

The company used to only provide a service that allowed users to create shopping wish lists that would then go to the merchants themselves. Today, Wish serves as a mediator, but apparently still highlights the wish list feature in this way.

Will Changing Your Public Name Affect Shipping?

You can change your public name on Wish into anything you want. Then your reviews will remain anonymous, and even though people will still be able to see your wish list, they won’t know who it belongs to.

However, you might wonder how this affects the shipping if your real name isn’t on the profile. Well, the way Wish works is that you provide all the shipping and billing details at the checkout.

And that includes your name. You can put your actual name on the billing and shipping details without changing the public name on your profile.

How to Protect Your Privacy on Wish App

The Wish company claims that they don’t sell any of your data to any third-party companies or partners. And that’s great, but the fact that anyone can see your profile wish list still leaves you exposed to an extent.

You can change your public name and make sure that your real identity isn’t compromised, but you might still feel uncomfortable about people browsing through your wish list. Until the Wish company makes it possible to keep your wish list private, it’s probably best not to make one in the first place.

When you want to buy something, that’s when you create the wish list. After you’ve completed the purchase, the item will disappear from the wish list.

You can always bookmark the link for a product if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to find it again. Or email it yourself. But if you don’t mind people checking out your wish list, that’s okay too.

Keeping a Low Profile on Wish

Issues of online privacy are an ongoing debate. It’s hard to assess just how much of our lives are spent online. With eCommerce platforms like Wish, you know that they’ll use your data to try to sell you more products.

But in case of your public name associated with reviews and wish lists, it can prevent people from having a fun shopping experience. You can change your name if you want to from the Wish web portal and mobile app and enjoy less public shopping.

Do you use your real name on Wish App? Let us know in the comments section below.

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