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How to Check If Your Fire Stick Remote is Bad

How to Check If Your Fire Stick Remote is Bad

Versatile and user-friendly, Amazon Fire TV is an amazing service. It comes with a remote control which is very practical and easy to use. However, the Firestick remote is not perfect and can malfunction for a number of reasons.

This article will help you fix all sorts of Firestick remote issues with well researched and tested advice. Before you can start fixing the problem, you need to find the root cause. The most common issues with Firestick remote revolve around the battery, the distance from the TV and bad pairing.

What to Do If a New Firestick Remote Is Not Working

Problems with the Firestick remote can occur after several weeks or months of use. It’s also possible that your remote will malfunction as soon as you unbox it. If the latter applies, the best solution is to return it straight away.

Contact Amazon support, explain that your remote is faulty, and get a free replacement. The only problem with this solution is that you’ll have to wait until you can use your Fire TV. First, you need to package your remote back in the box and return it, and then wait several days for a replacement.

You can, however, use Fire TV with a remote app on your smartphone while waiting for the new remote to arrive. But that’s a topic for another day. For now, let’s focus on the physical remote, and the ways you can easily fix problems on your own, without any help.

The Best Ways to Check If Firestick Remote Is Bad

Here’s some basic advice to try first before considering more advanced and difficult solutions. You might scoff at this, but have you actually tried replacing the batteries in the Firestick remote?

Change the Batteries

Many people skip this easy, logical solution. Even though the Firestick remote differs from other remotes, it operates on the same AAA batteries. Firestick remote is very battery hungry and it won’t work on low battery no matter what you do.

Here’s how to replace the Firestick remote batteries:

  1. Turn your remote so the buttons are facing down. Remove the lid holding the batteries inside and take out your old batteries.
  2. Get a fresh pair of alkaline batteries (1.5 volts). They work better than rechargeable batteries (1.2 volts). Insert the batteries into the designated slots, making sure you align them right (in respect of the plus and the minus side).
  3. Put the lid back on and test your Firestick remote. Don’t use the remote standing too far away from the TV. This is actually another issue we will cover below.

If your remote starts working, that’s great. If not, you’ll have to try a different solution.

Mind the Range

The advantage that Firestick remote has over other remotes is that it works via a Bluetooth connection, instead of infrared connection. This means that you don’t need to worry about the line of sight between your TV and the remote.

As you may know, Bluetooth range is not infinite, on the contrary, it’s relatively short. Although we don’t have a definite distance for you, we have tips that can help you get a better response from the Firestick remote. Keep this in mind:

  1. If your TV is in a large, spacious room, try moving closer to the TV and using the remote.
  2. Also, remove any obstacles between the TV and the remote, or at least avoid pointing the remote at them.
  3. Bring the dongle from behind the TV using the extension cable which was included in the package with the Amazon Fire TV. This should improve the connectivity of the remote, if only slightly.

Pair the Amazon Fire TV with the Remote

Again, Amazon Fire TV has a Bluetooth remote, which makes proper remote pairing all the more important. You might think that your Firestick remote is bad when you haven’t paired it successfully. Don’t worry. We got you covered though. Follow these instructions to pair your remote with the device:

  1. Plug in the MicroUSB power cable to your HDTV. Then connect the Firestick TV to the HDMI port to your HDTV.
  2. Select the proper HDMI channel using the remote and wait for Fire TV to load.
  3. Stay close to the Fire TV and press the Home button on your Firestick remote.
  4. Hold the Home button for at least ten seconds before releasing it.
  5. Your Firestick remote should start working now. Try using it with your streaming device and see if it works properly.

If this doesn’t work straight away, be patient and try again.

firestick remote

Remove All Interference

The final issue with the Firestick remote might not be an issue with the remote itself, but the other devices in your household. Since Firestick remote runs on Bluetooth technology, it’s prone to heavy interference from other devices and appliances in your home.

Some of the known troublemakers include wireless speakers or headphones that may interfere with your remote’s Bluetooth channels. Other interference may come from radiation emitted from your microwave.

Try removing any suspicious devices from your Amazon Fire TV and Firestick remote, and check if your remote starts working again. This way, you’ll know exactly which device caused interference and can move it to another room in the house.

Faulty Remote Fixed

Although technology is always improving, all these new devices are often prone to malfunctions. The Firestick remote is not any different, as it can malfunction for many different reasons. But now, at least, you’re not helpless anymore, because you have these helpful tips at your disposal.

Hopefully, your Firestick remote is up and running again after you applied these tips. Share your experiences in the comment section below. We’re looking forward to reading them.

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8 thoughts on “How to Check If Your Fire Stick Remote is Bad”

Fallon says:
My fire tv remote keeps turning my tv off when I’m not pressing the button, what is going on?
Nick says:
My remote just stopped working the other day minutes after I had used it. Put new batteries in it, nothing. I am however getting like a blueish yellowish light blinking if I press any button. I’ve tried resetting it by turning the tv off, removing the batteries for however long and that whole process and still nothing but that blinking light. This is also the second time that I’ve had this happen to two seperate remotes. Any suggestions? Last time I just went and bought a new firestick but I’d rather not do that this time unless I have to. Help!
Linda Jones says:
I think my remote died…tried replacing batteries, I can’t get any lights on remote to activate…I had an extra remote, paired it and works fine..old remote is showing battery I removed it but before I throw out the old one want to make sure it is dead…thoughts…
Janet says:
Mine has done the same exact thing. Chatted with amazon about it. It is indeed dead . They didn’t offer to replace it just to sell me a replacement that when i looked into isn’t going to work with my firestick. Buying a new remote yearly isn’t good business
Keith says:
Fire Stick 4k max battery draining after two months of use. The resistance measured at the battery posts is 68 ohms. Using the equation Power=Resistance*Amps and solving for amps shows it is drawing 44 milliamps. So having two 750 mAH (1500 mAH total) batteries installed, the best case is 34 hours of use until batteries drained. Question is why did the resistance drop so low. Should be at least 10,O00 ohms.
Wally says:
My remote works except the sound plus or minus and mute. Any ideas
Kathie Dowdy says:
My remote works…exceptthe pause button…? It is super frustrating! Any suggestions?
Nick Ruffin says:
I discovered that Lithium batteries work much better. BUT, that is not a cure it just helps. I don’t even put the back cover on anymore. When it stops working I just pull the battery out and put them back. That works 50% of the time. I actually don’t think it is the remote at all. I think it is the ??? interface between the firestick and the web. I have three firesticks and they all do that. I was at my brothers recently and his did the same.
alexis says:
I have an LGtv from 2018. I did install the fire stick but cannot use the fire stick remote, can only use the LG remote. I called LG and they said there is no way to change the remotes but I am having problems only with Amazon prime channels and wonder if it is the remote that is causing this interruption of Amazon Prime programs but my Netflix or Hulu. Any thoughts??

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