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How To Clear Cookies On iPhone X

How To Clear Cookies On iPhone X

Learning how to clear cookies on iPhone X handsets can be useful in many different circumstances. Whatever you may want to learn how to clear cookies for, this guide can help teach you how to do it.
Thankfully, it’s quite easy to clear cookies on your iPhone X. Once you’ve gone through with it, all of your apps history and session data may be reset, so you can sign into accounts again or view recent changes to websites.
Get started by following our guide on how to clear cookies on the iPhone X below.
Best Guide For How To clear cookies on Apple iPhone X Devices
To begin with, make sure your iPhone X is switched on. Once your device is switched on, navigate to ‘Settings’. After that, scroll through the Settings menu and tap ‘Safari’. You then want to look for the ‘Clear History and Website Data’ option. Finally, tap the ‘Clear History and Data’ button.
Now that you’ve tapped the button mentioned above, the cookies in your Safari browser will have been reset.
How to clear Google Chrome history on your Apple iPhone X
If you use the Google Chrome browser, the guide above may not be useful to you. In this next guide, we’ll explain to you how you can clear your Google Chrome history on your Apple iPhone X. To start, open the Google Chrome app and then tap the three-dot menu button. After that, tap “history” and then tap “Clear Browsing Data”. You will now have a few options to choose from. You can choose to delete, cookies, browsing history, passwords, and more. You can also choose how far back you want data to be erased. Starting from 1 hour and going to the beginning of time. You can also remove individual website history.

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