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How To Fix Apple iPhone X Won’t Rotate Problem

How To Fix Apple iPhone X Won’t Rotate Problem

Are you noticing that your Apple iPhone 8 or Apple iPhone X won’t rotate? If so, you can learn how to fix this problem by reading the information provided in this guide.

The iPhone X are some of the best smartphones in the world. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. Sometimes, issues appear that iPhone users have to solve themselves or send back to Apple to get fixed. One of these problems is an issue with the gyro sensor in the iPhone. If your iPhone X won’t rotate, chances are you’ll need to read through the troubleshooting tips mentioned below to get it fixed.

Getting started with the gyro fix isn’t too difficult. All you need to do is follow the information provided below. Once you’ve finished reading through this guide, you will hopefully have your problem fixed.

One of the most successful methods for fixing the iPhone X screen rotate problem is to perform a hard reset so that your device software can be reset.

If you’d like to check whether your gyroscope is actually working and can be fixed before you perform a hard reset, you can do a self-test on your iPhone. To do this, you need to open the dialer app and then dial in the following code: *#0*#. This will take you to the service screen. To take you to this screen, tap the call button and you’ll be able to do a self-test on the gyroscope.

In some cases, your network provider may have disabled the option to access the service screen. If this is the case, you may need to reset your iPhone to  factory defaults. If you’d like to learn how to reset your device to factory defaults, you can Link read this guide . Before doing a reset, you may also want to contact your network provider directly to see if they can fix the gyroscope problem for you.

If none of the above methods are working, one method that some users suggest is to hit your Apple iPhone X with the back of your hand. This gives your phone a jolt and can sometimes unstick the gyroscope hardware. Make sure to not hit your iPhone too aggressively so that you do not damage it.

Whilst the above method can work, our suggested method is to go ahead with the Apple iPhone X hard reset methods listed earlier in the article. Please note that performing a hard reset will remove all existing data, apps, and phone settings, so make sure to perform a full backup first.

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