How to Conference Call – Add & Merge Calls on iPhone

Apple revolutionized the world with the iPhone and launched the smartphone revolution all over the globe. We can access videos, social media and basically everything from our phones; but sometimes we don’t actually know how to work the “phone” part of our device.

First things first, you have to be on a call to add someone. Call the first person using the green phone icon located in the bottom left of your home screen. Scroll through your contacts and select whomever you want to 3-way (or more) with.

If you take a look at your screen when the call is initiated, you can see the “Mute,” “Keypad,” “Speaker” and “Contacts” buttons light up before they have picked up. You will also notice that the “Add Call” and “Facetime” buttons are greyed out.

Once the other person picks up and you are both connected and chatting, take a second look at your screen. You will notice that the “Add Call” and “Facetime” buttons are now lit up. Hit the “Add Call” button (with a plus sign icon). Pressing the “Add Call” button will take you to a screen with your contacts. Just like before, select the person you’d like to add to the call as you normally would. While the phone is ringing for your second guest, the first conversation will be put on hold. You can tell because at the top of your screen the person’s name will be grayed out with the word “HOLD” next to it.

If you take a look at your screen while the phone is ringing for your second call, you will notice the places where the “Add Call” and “Facetime” buttons were before have now been replaced with “Merge” and “Swap.” Hit the “Merge” button (two arrows combining into one), and the two people you have on the line will merge into the same conversation! You have now initiated your first conference call on your iPhone.

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