How To Disable Auto Wallpaper Size And Auto Zooming On iPhone X

One common issue that users of the Apple iPhone X have been complaining about is that the wallpaper won’t stop zooming. It is easy to switch off the auto size and zooming feature for wallpaper on your Apple iPhone X.
The wallpaper zooming feature uses Apple’s new parallax feature. What it does is iti provide you with a 3D effect on your Apple iPhone X even though it is not 3D. This takes effect anytime you scroll around making it to look like the icons are moving with it. If you are not a fan of this feature and you will like to disable it, follow the steps below:

How to Use Perspective Zoom Feature on iPhone X:

  1. Click on Settings and locate Wallpaper
  2. Click on Choose a New Wallpaper
  3. Find Perspective Zoom and click on it to disable the feature
  4. You can now select any wallpaper from your gallery that you wish to use
  5. When you seen the wallpaper, you can now select it for your Home screen, Lock screen or both

When you have successfully completed the tips above, your wallpaper will stop zooming and the parallax effect will be deactivated. This means that all icons on your screen will not move no matter how you hold your Apple iPhone X.

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