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How To Disable Caller ID when Calling Someone on the iPhone

How To Disable Caller ID when Calling Someone on the iPhone

Normally, when most calls are made on the iPhone, the receiver of the call can see the information of the person who is calling them. This is intended to help them know if they want to pick up the phone or not. However, there are a thousand and one different reasons why a person might want to block their number when calling someone else.

Whether someone owes you money and you are trying to reach them, or you simply don’t want the receiver to know it is you calling them, there are a lot of reasons to block your number. However, it isn’t instantly clear on the iPhone as to how you actually go about blocking your number when calling someone.

This article is all about teaching you how to block your number from others when calling them, simple as that. Now, there are a few different ways you can go about blocking your caller ID. There is an option to block your number on a per call basis, an option to always block your number to a certain contact and one to always block your number to everybody.  Here is a breakdown of the different ways to block your number and disable caller ID when calling someone else.

Block Number On a Per-Call Basis

All you need to know to block numbers on a per-call basis is the code for disabling caller ID in your area. For most of North America, the code you can use is either *67 or #31#. Simply enter those codes before you dial a number, and the person you call will not be able to identify you. Some individual providers have their own codes, so research the rules and codes in your specific area before trying these codes provided in this article.

Block Number for a Certain Contact

If you just want to make it so a certain contact is never shown your info when you call them, that is also quite easy to do. All you have to do is use the codes that you used in the above option, but actually include them in the contact phone number for the person you want to hide your info from. So simply go and edit the contact number but include #31# in front of their number and that’s it! That contact will now not see your number or name when you call them.

Block Number For Every Call

If you want your number and information to be blocked for everyone you call, this is the option for you. This method is also incredibly easy to do, and won’t take you more than a few seconds. All you have to do here is go into the Settings menu and then find the Phone button. Once you are in Phone, go down to Show My Caller ID and then click it. Once you hit the toggle button, it will turn off your caller ID so no one will know it is you when you call them. Of course, this can easily be reversed by just toggling it back over, in case you want you caller information and number to be visible again.

Now you should know how to block your number anytime, in only a few seconds. If for some reason these methods don’t work for you, it could be beneficial to contact either Apple or your cell phone provider to see why they are not working or some other possible alternatives.

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