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Disney Plus Phone Number – How to Contact Customer Service

Disney Plus Phone Number – How to Contact Customer Service

Disney Plus was one of the biggest streaming service releases in history. In fact, the service surpassed its own best expectations within the first 24 hours of release, which led to severe network-wide problems.

But problems with the service might not only be confined to the launch. Imagine finally kicking back after a long day’s work, only to learn that your favorite Disney Plus service isn’t working! The worst part being, that you aren’t sure whether the problem is on Disney’s end or your own. Here’s what to do if this happens.

Contact the Disney Plus Customer Service

If you don’t have the time to find a solution on your own or simply can’t be bothered, you can always contact Disney Plus support. Disney’s website features a help page with the most common problems listed on it and a live chat option.

If you’d prefer to have this conversation over a telephone, you can. Disney Plus’ phone number is 888-905-7888. Keep in mind, though, that you might end up on hold for some time if you go down the phone route, especially if the problem is indeed on their end and affecting a large number of users.

disney plus

Call a Friend

If you have a friend who’s also on Disney Plus (as you most likely do), call them up to see whether they’re also experiencing issues connecting to the service. If they aren’t, the problem is almost without a doubt on your end. If they are, however, it’s most likely Disney’s responsibility. That being said, it might be that the issue is local, city-wide, country-wide, or global. Additionally, the problem may be on your ISP’s end.

If the friend that you’ve called is experiencing the same issues as you are, therefore, and they use the same ISP as you, consider contacting another Disney Plus user who has a different ISP. If they, too, are experiencing identical issues, the problem is most definitely with Disney Plus.

Consult Social Media

You may not go on Twitter/Facebook to complain about a particular problem with a service or product, but a lot of people do. In actual fact, it’s a great way to raise awareness about an issue, thereby pushing the service/provider to deal with it in a timely fashion. If you want to, post a status or a tweet regarding said issue and make sure that you add the #disneyplus and #disney hashtags, as well as tag both Disney and Disney Plus.

disney plus phone number

If that option doesn’t appeal, you can always search the #disneyplus hashtag and check whether there are others complaining about a malfunction or a problem.

G Suite Status Dashboard

G Suite Status Dashboard is a tool that features a list of Google services and their current status. Although Disney Plus is definitely not on this list, you should check to see whether a number of Google services are in the red. If there is, maybe the issue is global, as these things happen to occur simultaneously if on a larger scale.

Google It

You can check the status of most online services by simply googling it. Simply type in “is disney plus down” or “disney plus status” on Google and check out the first couple of results. Most likely, you’ll find a dedicated third-party service that will be able to tell you whether Disney Plus (or any other service, for that matter) is down globally or not.

Disney Plus Issues

There are many reasons why Disney Plus might be experiencing issues, but you won’t be able to tell whether the problem is on your end, unless you resort to one of the methods outlined above. Of course, if it is on your end and you don’t do anything about it, it probably won’t get fixed on its own. Begin by restarting the device and the router and work forward from there.

Have you experienced similar issues with Disney Plus? Was it on your end? What steps did you take in order to take care of it? Hit the comments section below if you have any questions or tips.

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30 thoughts on “Disney Plus Phone Number – How to Contact Customer Service”

Theresa Farnitano says:
I canceled my subscription and have been billed for the last three months. When I signed up I accidentally made two accounts because it said there was an error. I would like that subscription canceled as soon
lisa says:
my yearly subscription has came to a end. How do i pay monthly.
SUE says:
lawrence andes says:
what is a postcode? sap[parently i need one tom change my paymentbnifo
Carl Plaster says:
cannot get into my account on the TV or computer or my phone
Steven Arocha says:
I want to cancel it
Bernadette M Turrietta says:
I cannot connect to my Disney plus. channel on my curve Samsung smart tv? I need a refund $15.12. help me
dick leuellen says:
trying to get into disney?
Regayda Johnson says:
Dear Disney, I am a DISH customer asking you to bring your channels back on DISH. I deserve to get a fair value for my Disney/ESPN channels. Please work with DISH to bring your channels back on air and agree to fair deal that makes sense for all.
Gerardo Betancourt says:
Canceling subscription because it does not work in Canada
Ruth A. Flynn-Cooney says:
I’m being charged 4 separate times each month! Can’t get it cancelled. I even canceled credit card!
Keeps coming 2x$5 and 2×$4
Clive Miller says:
Dear sir Madam

In January you were paid a years subscription of £55.99 which I though was great. in march you charged me £79.99 for this years subscription which should have been £29.99 not £79.99 so please return £79.99 cancel my subscription as I only have very limited finance and you just took the money and cost me £12 inn bank charges. I do not a subscription from you ass I can buy the Disney channel off of sky. so please return the £79.99 and the £50 which you have been paid to my account

Jessie Scally says:
I need to cancel my subscription but I am out of USA and I cannot cancel thru the website because it just keeps saying “Disney plus is not available in your area.”
kris says:
sign up for a vpn and you will be able to use disney plus in that area
Marc Guillaume says:
My card has money its an insult to my intelligence for me to keep doing this. Every month I go through the same thing. This time it’s not allowing me to continue with my payments. Someone please call me. I’m so upset With this
Robert vonGiebel says:
Kindly cancel streaming subscription. TY!
Constance says:
I didn’t know until after I signed up that Disney is making it mandatory for people to get vaccinated. I have been fully vaccinated but I’m sorry that is a persons choice, not yours Disney. Why in the world would you force people to put something in their body? Sounds more like what Hitler would do. If you would do this, you would also force a woman to get an abortion. I will be canceling at the end of the month.
vikkie says:
How do i cancel my disney plus subscription when I’m not in the USA anymore?
Crystal says:
I purchased disney plus and paid for the year and the additional premiere cost of $29.99 from my phone but tried to login through my tv and now its acting like I don’t have a subscription
Ivan Michelsen says:
Perry says:
Due to the canceling Of Gina Cararo, I will be canceling my subscription! That is NOT acceptable
Mitchell Brown says:
I was going to cut the cord with Comcast and was considering Disney Plus and other streaming services but I have changed my mind once I read about Gina Carano. I look to Disney and have since a child as entertainment not as an arm of the Democratic Party that cancels any opinions that don’t conform to the current administrations narrative. Let me know when you are going back to just doing entertainment.
Disappointed says:
Will Pedro Pascal be fired as well for his similar posts as Gina Carano???? Disney is alienating half their customers. I would cancel too if it wasn’t for my 17 month old daughter. She absolutely loves her Disney movies.

Too bad Disney is biased.

Very Disappointed says:
Agreed with “Disappointed”. Disney Plus is canceled here – any oligarchical organization that claims someone is anti-Semitic for making a real correlation to current events, is itself demonstrating PROOF that there’s a strong effort to sanitize reality and shun those who speak the truth. #ShutDisneyDown!
Not my real name says:
Looks like Disney finally took their head out of their woke arsse and re-directed the trajectory of the Star Wars franchise with Mandolorian. Nice work.

Except now they’ve gotten in their own way again, blinded by the double-standard, woke goggles, by terminating Gina Carano for making a legitimate historical comparison between the lessons of old with today’s social and political climate. No call to harm anyone or anything.

In addition, Disney will turn the other way as long as tweets and posts align with the false, mainstream narrative of America-bad (per the posts by Pedro Pascal).

You dummies…..people just started to get back on-board with Star Wars, and you wrecked it.

Get woke, go broke.

Mildred Rodriguez says:
I absolutely agree. Unfortunately I have a 17 month old baby that absolutely loves her Disney movies, but I just called to complain that Disney + is absolutely alienating half their customer base by siding with Pedro Pascal and terminating Gina Carano even though both made similar posts. It is completely political bias and I am someone registered as no party and I can see that the Cancel Culture is an attack on Freedom of Speech and it is dangerous and scary time in the USA for those of us that do not think or agree with liberals.

It is sad that liberals want to do this to their fellow Americans. And I am a Hispanic and my husband is a Hispanic Conservative and we are completely demoralized by what is going on in this country today. My husband’ s family came to the USA to escape this very political situation and now here we are, actually scared for our lives and our careers just because we are not liberal. If you know your history, this does sound very familiar.

Jon Palmer says:
Due to the firing of the actress Gina Carano I will not be renewing my Disney+ subscription. This action is both disturbing and sickening when you consider the comment made by another actor on the same show.
I do not believe either should be fired.
Dear Gentelmen:
Sirs! Would you be so kind by submitting
my nme to The Disney + Mailing list, so I
can revcive e-mail ! Ok!
Tran says:
I was going to subscribe to Disney Plus, but will not do so after you cancelled Gina Carano for political reasons that were ridiculous, while continuing to support radical individuals with opposing viewpoints. Will make sure others are aware of your bias.
Patricia Henline says:
I just had to renew my Disney Plus subscription and it wanted my email and password but when it got to the payment, it wanted the Roku pin and it had my son’s Paypal account listed for payment instead of my account where the payment has been coming from every month. The payment of $75.23 has been taken out of his bank account for the whole amount. Why is this?
Dianne Westcott says:
Interested in signing up for Disney+. Are ALL OF THE SERIES from National Geographic WILD on Disney+
Richard says:
I signed up and Disney+ deducted my subscription but when I try opening it on my TV it wants me to sign up again. Their technology is so frustrating. They don’t provide a contact number and offer no easily accessible tech support. It’s so frustrating. I am so sorry I started this process. I want my money back and strongly recommend not subscribing. The 888 telephone number is not available in my country.
Denise Jennings says:
I have an old email that at&t locked up,so I have no way of changing my email w you. It want a code an there is no way possiable. I will leave in the space below my new email. Please fix asap please
larry says:
I signed up but it didn’t go to my tv but signed up on computer

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