Can Doordash Drivers See Your Tip?

Not so long ago, you had to pick up food and groceries by yourself all the time. One of the perks of the modern world is various delivery services that drop off food at your doorstep, for a certain price. One such service is called DoorDash, which has grown exponentially over the years.

Now it’s one of the main delivery apps, but there’s a lot of controversy surrounding it. Specifically, both customers and drivers complained about the company’s policy on tips. Read on to find out how the DoorDash drivers can see your tip and learn many other specifics.

New DoorDash Tip Transparency

Thanks to the backlash the company kept receiving from their drivers and customers alike, they made some drastic changes to employee payments. Previously it was all very complicated and non-transparent.

People would tip their drivers, but the drivers wouldn’t receive the full tip they earned. Instead, they gained a fixed percentage, which was very low compared to the tip amount. The company had some safety nets for the drivers so that they wouldn’t lose the entire tip, but it all turned out bad.

Drivers, or as DoorDash calls them, “Dashers”, used to receive a lot less money from the tip than they actually deserved. DoorDash made things more transparent, and they’re now showing all the amounts related to the order.

This also answers the main question of the article. Yes, DoorDash drivers can see the tip you’ve left them through the app. Actually, this helps them decide whether or not they want to take your order.

It’s okay to skim on the tips once or twice, but if the drivers see that you never give any tips, they’ll likely refuse to deliver for you. Of course, there could be dashers in the area that will be willing to take your order, but that isn’t certain.

Tipping is very important in the food industry; you should consider using DoorDash as a trip to the restaurant. If you can’t afford to tip the waiter, is it smart to eat out? Maybe it’s best to make something at home.

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DoorDash Tipping Explained

Tipping is truthfully a matter of culture. Nobody is ever forcing you to give tips, but they are much appreciated. On the DoorDash app, a fixed tip of 15% will be added to your final bill. Of course, you can change the number at any time.

You can increase the tip or decrease it at your discretion. Be cautious because of the previously mentioned fact, you might lose credibility if you skim on tips. Low tips aren’t any good either (5-10% off the bill). A good tip is considered to be anything above 15% of the total bill.

So, if you regularly tip 20%, there will be plenty of dashers happy to service you. Generous tippers are considered to be good customers, and this doesn’t only apply to DoorDash.

Remember to also be polite to your dasher, a little decency goes a long way. After all, these people are just doing their job. They should be paid what they deserve, and thankfully they’re finally getting exactly that.

If your delivery is very late, you can choose to deny the tip to that dasher and show them your dissatisfaction. You can even change the tip amount on the app after the delivery. Just know that the dasher will be informed of the change.

Don’t go overboard with this, sometimes there’s a lot of traffic and some unexpected inconveniences that prevent the dashers from arriving in time.

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How to Tip

We just talked about tips, what’s more to say? Well, here’s one big tip for you (excuse the pun!) – it’s much better to tip your dasher in cash. This way, DoorDash won’t be notified of the amount, unless you tip on the app as well, which would be too much.

You can tell your dasher that you’d rather tip them with cash, and most of them will happily agree. Therefore, you’re ensuring that the entire tip ends up in the dasher’s pocket. Remember that these people don’t have great basic salaries, and their earnings mostly depend on tips.

If you’re tipping with cash, remember to stick to the 15% or more of the total amount. This way the dashers will feel appreciated for their work. Lowers tips aren’t bad, but they’re just not enough, and these people are trying to make a living.

Tip of the Iceberg

DoorDash tips used to be very vague, complicated, and messy. Luckily, this has changed fairly recently (late 2019). Now the dashers can clearly see what is what, who tips them and who doesn’t. This can help them determine whether or not to make deliveries for that person.

As a customer, you also know that they will receive most of your tips (it’s still not the full amount). If you want to be completely sure, tip them with cash. Did you have any DoorDash tipping experiences you’d like to share?

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4 thoughts on “Can Doordash Drivers See Your Tip?”

Knite Starz says:
If you’re going to tip cash we, as drivers, suggest you tip half in the app and half in cash. If you add no tip your food will just likely sit there and die as the drivers continually pass up that $3 order for 7 miles. And no, writing in “will tip in cash” won’t work. It’s been a common thing for customers to lie and say that, so 99% of drivers won’t take that gamble.
James Bond says:
i want to give cash but i dont want the next driver to think i didn’t tip. what do?
Michael Hennessey says:
But if you tip in cash, the next driver won’t see that you made a cash tip will they? It will look like you didn’t tip at all…
the dave says:
As a driver cash is still the better way to tip

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