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The Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones

The Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones

Before we could use MP3 files, ringtone websites were everywhere. Some charged up to $5 per tone and took ages to configure and use. Now life is much easier with downloadable tones that you import and activate. If you want to download free ringtones for your smartphone, here are a few places to look.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get bored of my ringtone after about a month. However good that tune might be, I quickly get tired of it and want another. I tend to make my own but if I’m looking for inspiration these websites are where I go.


Zedge has to be the largest or one of the largest ringtone websites on the internet right now. As well as ringtones, the site also has wallpapers and apps. The tones should work on most phones as they are MP3. Any handset that can cope with those will be able to use the site. You have the option to download, use a QR code or have the tone emailed to you. Most are free too.


Mobile9 is another popular site with thousands of downloads. It isn’t as easy to use as Zedge as you have to enter your phone to get anywhere. That phone box isn’t exactly intelligent either. Put in S7 for the Galaxy S7 and it doesn’t find anything. When you enter Galaxy S7, it finds 20-odd smartphones. I think this site is based in India as the most popular ringtones are Bollywood. Despite that, there are many popular ringtones, good quality wallpapers and apps. Downloads are mostly free and will download to your computer, phone or via QR code or email.

Fun For Mobile

Fun For Mobile is straight out of the 90s but has a good range of free ringtones for your smartphone. I haven’t seen any contemporary tunes on here for a while but there are hundreds of older tunes if you’re feeling nostalgic. There are also wallpapers, games and apps on the site too. All free, all downloadable. While it looks at little 8-bit, Fun For Mobile is a decent site with a wide range of ringtones.


Melofania may be an odd name for a website, but it is one of the better ones out there right now. It has ready-made tunes you can download to your smartphone and a neat ringtone creator if you don’t have MP3 software on your phone or computer. The list is more recent and more Western than some of these other sites so there is a much higher likelihood of finding something you like. The site is attractive and has a good search function too.


Cellsea is another good ringtone website with more contemporary tunes. There is a huge range of ringtones from across genres and cultures. All are of a decent quality, MP3 and free. The site itself is pretty simple too. Popular apps, wallpapers and ringtones are on the main page. Select Browse at the top to find a ringtone, then you can listen and download as you need.


MyTinyPhone is super simple and has a nice layout. Everything is up front, no selecting phones, clicking multiple times or any of that. Find your ringtone, test it out and download it. That’s all there is to it. Not all of the tones are safe for work but the majority of them are fine. Like the other sites on here, there are also wallpapers, games and apps, most of which are free. is a decent ringtone website with a range of free tones to download to your smartphone. The selection isn’t the widest but usability is high, so it gets my vote. Find the tune, preview it, download it. That’s all there is to it. There are also wallpapers and a neat app that lets you create a ringtone from a piece of music you already have.


Audiko is another site that doesn’t look like much but has usability and quantity instead. There are hundreds of ringtones and wallpapers on the site and while it doesn’t look the best, is simple enough to use. Preview your tone from the list and hit download. Most, if not all, are free and are in MP3 format like the others here.

To be honest, finding a good quality website to download free ringtones for your smartphone was harder than I thought it would be. Many of my regulars have now gone and many of those that are left are Asian, Indian or very low quality. The ones in this list are what I found to be acceptable, without popups, ads or anything nefarious.

Do you know of any other good quality websites to download free ringtones for your smartphone? Tell us below if you do!

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