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Dropped Pixel 2 In Water (Solution)

Dropped Pixel 2 In Water (Solution)

It has been discovered that one of the most likely cause of physical damage to the new Google Pixel 2 is water. However, the good news is that it is possible to fix your Google Pixel 2 that has been damaged by water getting into it. When you mistakenly get your smartphone water wet, there are some methods that you can use to restore it and make it work again. Carefully read through the tips below to get the best chance of getting your Google Pixel 2 restored and fixed form permanent damage when it is water wet.

Power Down

First, you will need to switch off your Google Pixel 2. This will prevent your Google Pixel 2 from short circuiting the device hardware. You can quickly and easily do this by removing the battery to reduce the water damage.

Open Your Water Damaged Pixel 2

The most effective way of fixing a water damaged Google Pixel 2  is to open the case so that air can come in. I will advise that you check out this link to know how you can open your Google Pixel 2 without causing physical damage.

Remove Water

You can try to shake, tilt or blow air into the device to dry it as much as possible. This will make sure the water does not get deeper into the device and will prevent further damage.

Check to Confirm if Water Damaged Fix Has Worked

As soon as you think the water has dried up, switch on your Google Pixel 2. See if it works normally. You can also try to replace it with a new battery and see if it works well. Other tests that you should carry out include connecting your Google Pixel 2 to a MAX or PC to see if it will function normally if you need to recover data from it.

Dry It

Another suggestion is to dry your Google Pixel 2 to prevent further damage. Instead of using the popular rice method, there are other methods that you can apply that are very effective.

  • Open Air: This method has been proven to be one of the effective methods of getting water out of an electronic device. A comparison was carried out with Open Air method and other eight methods. None of these other methods were as efficient as leaving the device in an open space for free air.
  • Instant couscous or instant rice are also considered to be more effective than using silica. In the test carried out, these methods dried up the water faster that the popular rice method. Oatmeal is another effective method but you may not like how it will look on your Google Pixel 2.
  • Silica Gel: This method is considered to be the best when it comes to use a drying agent. You can easily get silica gel that is also known as crystal in the pet category of your grocery store.

If your Google Pixel 2 isn’t working after trying the above methods, then I’d advise selling it for new one. But make sure you remove your SIM card and Memory card that may contain your important files, contacts and data. It also saves your time of downloading these files again when you buy a new smartphone.

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