How To Find A Stolen or Lost Samsung Galaxy S9

Perhaps you are a victim of getting your phone stolen or you lost it. If you find yourself in such a predicament, you need not to worry as there are several ways to locate your Galaxy S9. These methods include; using an app to locate your Samsung Galaxy S9, the Android Device Manager, or alternative software to find your lost or stolen phone.

The Android Device Manager is an impressive tool powered by Google that helps Android users to locate any Android device in a similar way to how Apple devices can be found with the Find My iPhone feature.

Tools like this are very useful for locating your device without having to stress yourself. With few information, you are one step closer to accessing your phone data or deleting it if necessary.

You can search online for guides for other Galaxy Series devices that are stolen or missing. Another impressive feature of the Galaxy S9 is that you will be able to delete all user data from the missing smartphone or get your phone to make ringing noises when you cannot locate it.

Below is a simplified guide on the steps you need to take when you are in a position where your Samsung Galaxy S9 has been stolen or gone missing. These tips are short and concise. When followed chronologically, there is a huge chance that you will be able to recover your smartphone.

Tips on How to Find Your Lost Galaxy S9 Quickly

We will be discussing a variety of methods through which you can locate your missing or stolen Samsung Galaxy S9. With immediate effect, these options below should do the trick and fix your missing phone problem. On that note, let us go through the steps needed

  1.    With the aid of tools like Android Device Manager and Lookout, it is relatively simple to find your smartphone from any location and tools like this need to be installed on your Galaxy S9 to prevent cases of being unable to recover your smartphone
  2. Apps like the AirDroid are designed to assist Android users in accessing files from their stolen or missing devices remotely or recover critical information that is linked to your camera and text messages

Finding your Galaxy S9 Using Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager offers the quickest and surest solution when trying to locate a stolen or missing Samsung Galaxy S9. It just requires a simple registration process when you purchase your device. This way you can access it from a secondary device. If you ever misplace your phone, you can locate it from a computer.

Google created Android Device Manager in 2013. The original purpose of the software is to allow users to access Android phones and tablets from a computer. It should come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S9 as every Android system is fitted with the software. If your device does not appear to possess this feature, crosscheck to verify.

To set up the Android Device Manager, scroll to Settings on the App Menu and click on it. Navigate through to Security and through to Screen Lock option and finally tap on Device Administrators. You should try to search through your phone as the location of the menus can be different for different Android systems, but the aforementioned navigation should work flawlessly for the Samsung Galaxy S9. If the process is correct, you should setup the Android Device Manager.

Finding Your Galaxy S9 Using the Loud Ring Mode

The Galaxy S9 has a feature caused the loud ring mode that helps you find your phone when turned on so you can pinpoint your smartphone location. Alternatively, you can delete all user data and lock the device. This way if your phone is irretrievable, your information is safe.

If you are looking to access your Galaxy S9 from another Android device remotely, the first step is to download the Android Device Manager app from the Google Play Store and if you are using another Android device to use the same service to locate your smartphone

Locating Your Galaxy S9

The Android Device Manager is the main tool for finding a lost or stolen phone. The Android Device Manager uses GPS navigation to locate and recover any missing Android smartphones. In cases of theft, you should not try to retrieve it yourself directly. Contact the police and work with the authorities. You may be putting yourself in danger otherwise.

If your device happens to have a Wi-Fi, then there is also a way for you to track it.

Using Lookout

The Lookout app is useful to find your device when Android Device Manager isn’t working properly. The Lookout app is more inclined to security measures but works in a similar way to the Android Device Manager.

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