How To Use an Amazon Fire TV Stick with a Computer Monitor

Posted by Arch on December 12, 2018

Firestick works great with most contemporary TVs but can you use it with a computer monitor? The simple answer is yes, you can. Adding a Firestick to an old computer monitor is a great way to repurpose it.

On the other hand, why not get some extra usability from the monitor you are currently using? Either way, connecting a Firestick to a monitor is not that different from connecting it to your TV. This article gives you a comprehensive guide on how to do it with some tips and tricks included.

Computer Monitor Requirements

In theory, you should be able to hook up a Firestick to a monitor that doesn’t have an HDMI port (to be discussed later on). However, there are three things you should look for to get Firestick to run smoothly on your monitor.

1. HDMI Input

Monitors that support HDMI should be a hassle-free plug and play with your Firestick. It would be great to have more HDMI inputs and dedicate one to Firestick only.

2. Audio

A set of built-in speakers or at least an audio jack is also a highly desirable feature. If your monitor doesn’t feature an audio jack or speakers, you need an additional sound adapter.

3. HDCP Compliance

HDCP is a security protocol that keeps video and other content from being pirated. This compliance is important because it allows the monitor to decode the protections which are embedded in the content that you stream from the Firestick.

HDMI Compatible Monitors with Built-in Audio

Setting up a Firestick on this kind of monitor is usually a simple plug and play procedure. Here is how to do it:

1. Connect the Firestick

Find the HDMI port on the back of your monitor and plug the Firestick directly into it. It is advisable to keep the monitor off during the process.

2. Connect to Power

The power that comes through the USB ports on your monitor is usually insufficient to power the Firestick. This is why you need to use the power adapter and plug the Firestick into an outlet.

3. Turn on the Monitor

Now, you should be able to see the Amazon Firestick logo on the screen and continue setting up your Firestick.

4. Pair the Firestick Remote

Press the Play button when prompted to pair the Firestick and the remote.

5. Select Language and Wifi

Follow the onscreen instructions and choose a language, then connect to your home wifi. Navigation is done by using the wheel and buttons on the Firestick remote.

6. Sign in

After the wifi connection is established, sign in to your Amazon Account. Your Firestick will automatically sign you in if you purchased it via Amazon.

7. Final Steps

An instructional video appears once you’ve signed in. You can skip the video and set Parental Controls, confirm Alexa compatibility, and finally proceed to the Fire TV home screen.

Monitors without an HDMI Input

This is where things become tricky since a lot of monitors that support only VGA or DVI may not work with a Firestick. Screen resolution is the key element with these monitors. The monitor should be able to have at least 720p resolution, otherwise, don’t attempt to connect it to a Firestick.

If it has sufficient resolution, you need an HDMI to DVI converter with an audio out. Connect the Firestick to the converter, then connect the converter to your monitor and an external audio source.

However, an “HDCP unauthorized. Content Disabled” error might appear on your screen. This means it’s time to look for another monitor since that one may be unable to reproduce Firestick or any other HD content.

Monitors without Built-in Audio

HDMI-compatible monitors with no audio should work fine with a Firestick. But you need to get an audio extractor adapter to get the sound (by routing it to external speakers or another audio playback device). There are more than a few adapters to choose from and the setup procedure is usually very similar to the one described above. And you shouldn’t get any HDCP-compliance errors.

Alternately, some users find mirroring content from their smartphone to the Firestick as a neat hack to work around the lack of audio. But you need to connect the smartphone to the external speaker system. In addition, there might be some lag between the video and audio.

The Last Connection

By now you should have a better understanding of how to use Firestick with a computer monitor. The setup is easy for those who have an HDMI compatible monitor with built-in audio. Otherwise, you can expect some trial and error.

It would be nice to know which monitor you think works the best with your Amazon Firestick. Don’t hesitate to share your experience if you managed to hook up a Firestick to an older monitor. Many users struggle with this so your opinion would be greatly appreciated.

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This Guide Last Updated: December 12, 2018

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