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How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Fast Battery Drain Problem

How To Fix Google Pixel 2 Fast Battery Drain Problem

The Pixel 2 are the new latest smartphones from Google. Although, these two phones are considered to be amazing, there seems to be an issue with the battery dying quickly.
Users of the Pixel 2 can be experiencing this issue on the smartphone because of the apps or because of software bugs that need to be fixed. The following guide will help you to understand methods that you can use to solve a fast battery drain on your Pixel 2   

Reboot/Reset Pixel 2

One of the effective ways of fixing a fast battery drain on your Google Pixel 2 is to carry out a process called factory reset. Another advantage of using this method is because it gives you a fresh start on your device. Make use of this guide to understand how to reboot & reset the Pixel 2.  

Deactivate LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Making use of the internet for activities like location tracking, LTE Internet and also your Bluetooth feature can cause your Google Pixel 2 battery to drain quickly. As soon as you know that you do not need these services, try deactivating them and see if it helps your device battery to last longer. For those that are willing to know how they can deactivate their location tracking, activate the power saving feature. This will make the feature to only work when necessary. Your Bluetooth feature is another major cause of fast battery drain.

Deactivate Wi-Fi

Your Wi-Fi is another cause of fast battery drain on Pixel 2. If you are not currently using your Wi-Fi, there’s no point leaving it ON to connect with any Wi-Fi network available. In addition, if you are using the 3G/4G/LTE feature to browse the internet, switch off your Wi-Fi since you are not using it to browse.

Activate Pixel 2 Power-Saving Mode

Google Pixel 2 comes with an efficient “Power saving mode” feature that has ways of helping you to maintain and manage your battery life. With options like preventing background data from apps, switching off your GPS feature, reducing the screen frame and also maintaining your device processor. You are allowed to manually activate the Power Saving Mode or you can configure your device to automatically switch it on when your battery reaches a certain level.

Deactivate Or Manage Background Sync

Whenever you are not using an app anymore, always make sure that you close them. They can still be draining your battery even though they are not being used. The most effective way is to close these apps as soon as you are done using them. You can do this by using your two fingers to swipe down on your screen and access the quick settings, click on Sync to deactivate it. an alternative method is to locate Settings and click on Accounts and deactivate Sync for the apps you are no more using. Disabling apps like Facebook will have a great impact on your Pixel 2 battery life.

Reduce Tethering

You should also make sure that you limit the amount of tethering that you do with your Pixel 2. The idea behind Tethering is to give Pixel 2 users the ability to quickly connect other devices to the Internet. This feature also affects your battery life. The most effective way of increasing your battery life is to deactivate or reduce tethering

Replace TouchWiz Launcher

The TouchWiz launcher is one of the apps that greatly consume battery. It also consumes a lot of memory space on your Pixel 2. I will suggest that you uninstall it and download an alternative. You can try your hands on the Nova Launcher. It is more efficient and does not take too much of your battery life.

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