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How To Fix iPhone X Keeps Restarting

How To Fix iPhone X Keeps Restarting

Is your iPhone X on the fritz? Does it keep restarting, always returning to the Apple logo screen? There are a number of reasons why this could be happening. Below are some solutions to try and figure it all out.

If the Apple logo screen keeps coming back and your phone keeps restarting on your iPhone X, your best bet is to get to an Apple Store and have a specialist look at it. You can visit the Apple Support Page to see if your iPhone X is still covered under Apple’s universal 1 year guarantee. Note that if your phone has evidence of water damage, the Apple Care warranty is voided.

Older Models, Out of Replacement Period etc.

For those that don’t have Apple Care, but still have problems when an iPhone X keeps restarting. For those that still say “My iPhone keeps restarting,” below are some tips and ways to help fix the problem,

Recovery Mode & Restore Method This method is a great way to help fix the issue when an iPhone X keeps restarting over and over. Even though it seems easy to fix an iPhone when it keeps restarting itself, it’s tougher to implement if your iPhone X keeps shutting off or rebooting every two-three minutes.

Faulty App Apps use high amounts of battery power of an iPhone X, especially those Apps that keep updating themselves throughout the day. When apps use high amount of battery, sometimes an iPhone X keeps restarting itself. If an App causes these issues for you, attempt to delete it. Delete the app -> Reboot your iPhone -> Sync with iTunes and see if this sorts the issue.

Restore Old Backup If none of the methods above work to help fix iPhone restarting issue, this method could do the trick. First, connect your iPhone X to iTunes and then restore from an old backup that you have done. After the backup has been completed the iPhone X keeps restarting itself over and over again issue are generally fixed.

Turn ON/OFF Cellular Sometimes an iPhone X keeps restarting itself over and over when there is an issue with the cellular data. The best way to fix the iPhone X from restarting would be to Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data, then turn the toggle to “Off” and then back “On”. You can also go to the Apple Support Page for an example of how to fix this issue, take a look at this.

Steps to Fix an iPhone X that keeps Restarting with Apple Logo

  1. Hold the “Power” and “Home” button at the same time until the screen goes blank
  2. Next, connect to iTunes. It will “detect” the iPhone in “recovery mode”
  3. You can only restore now so restore your iPhone when the iPhone keeps restarting itself.

If things went well, you’ll have an iPhone X that’s ready to be set up. After this process because the iPhone X was in recovery mode to restore, all data will be deleted as the settings will be like new. It’s important to backup all data on the iPhone before attempting to fix any issues when an iPhone keeps restarting over and over.

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Nov 9, 2017

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