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How To Fix LG G7 Turns OFF Randomly

How To Fix LG G7 Turns OFF Randomly

The new LG G7 is widely regarded to be among the best smartphones of 2016, but some users have been complaining that their LG G7 turns off unexpectedly.  This is not something normal, and you are not supposed to be experiencing this issue on your LG G7. Below, I will explain how you can solve the issue of LG G7 shutting down and restarting unexpectedly.

Factory Reset LG G7

The first effective method of fixing the issue of your LG G7 switching off unexpectedly is to factory reset the smartphone. You can use this detailed guide to learn how to factory reset the LG G7. Its crucial to point out that you should backup all your files and documents. This prevents any data from being lost.

Clear cache on LG G7

After resetting your LG G7, you should consider clearing the cache partition of your LG G7. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Power off your LG G7
  2. Then press and hold these three keys together:  Power, Volume up, and Home
  3. As soon as you see the LG logo with a blue recovery logo at the top, release the keys
  4. This will put your LG G7 in Recovery mode where you will use the Volume down to navigate
  5. Choose wipe cache partition
  6. Press Power to confirm it

After the process has been completed, you will then use the Volume keys to choose reboot system now and Power key to confirm it.

Manufacturer Warranty

If all the methods above do not work, I will advise that you check if your LG G7 is still under warranty because it is likely that there is a major issue with your LG G7 and if it’s still under warranty, it can be replaced for you, and that will solve the issue.

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Feb 22, 2018

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