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How to Turn Autocorrect On and Off On Your LG G7

How to Turn Autocorrect On and Off On Your LG G7

Do you know that there’s a feature on your LG G7 that automatically corrects the misspelled words or contents on the chats, emails, and text messages that you type up on your phone? Assuming you don’t live in the Dark Ages, you’ve likely used a computer or another device with the same sort of feature. Just like virtually every other device out there, your LG G7 has an autocorrect feature, saving the hides of all the grammar illiterates around the globe for years now, and saving the tempers all the grammarians out there, too.

The main reason as to why the autocorrect is added on the LG G7 is pretty easy to guess: to correct spelling mistakes or typos that happen when you’re typing or organizing text on your smartphone. However, autocorrecting a word that is not incorrect is sometimes a problem on various devices, and your LG G7 is no exception. I’m sure we’ve all heard funny stories about these situations. Imagine typing the word ‘pudding’, then after a second it automatically changes into the word ‘pussy,’ which of course changes the entire meaning of the message you’re sending. If you’re talking to a friend, then this sort of thing is probably hysterical. If you’re talking to your boss, a coworker, or your granny, then it’s not quite so funny anymore.

In general, it can definitely be a pain in the neck, and even if it’s funny you’re probably not going to want to put up with it in the long-term. Below, we’ll go over how to deactivate and reactivate your LG G7’s autocorrect feature.

Activating or Deactivating the LG G7’s Autocorrect Feature

  1. Power on the device.
  2. Proceed to a screen that illustrates the keyboard.
  3. To the side of the space bar key, tap and hold the dictation button.
  4. Then tap “Settings.”
  5. Select “Predictive Text” below “Smart Typing” to toggle it on or off.
  6. Another alternative is to turn off dissimilar settings like punctuation marks and auto-capitalization.

After that, if you eventually decide you want to switch the autocorrect setting for your LG G7 back to “ON,” you essentially follow the same steps. Navigate to an app that involves the keyboard and proceed to settings, where you can switch the autocorrect to “ON” to set everything back to normal.

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If you’re using a keyboard other than the default, these instructions might differ. Third party keyboard apps are available on the Google Play Store, and may have their own instructions. If you use one of these, check the app documentation.

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