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How to Turn Autocorrect On and Off On Your LG G6

How to Turn Autocorrect On and Off On Your LG G6

Although we all love to curse it (“damn you, Autocorrect!”), autocorrect is actually an extremely powerful tool that most of us rely on every day to prevent us from looking like fools in our text messages. Autocorrect works to fix errors on the fly so that you can type quickly from your smartphone. There are times, though, when autocorrect is more trouble than it’s worth, and words that weren’t spelled wrong are often autocorrected when you may not want them to be. If you would like to be able to turn autocorrect on and off on your LG G6 phone, then this is the guide for you.

It’s actually very easy to completely disable the autocorrect feature on the LG G6. Once the feature is disabled, your words will no longer be corrected when you are typing.

How to turn on and off autocorrect on LG G6:

  1. Switch your LG G6 on.
  2. Go to any app that will bring the keyboard up.
  3. On the keyboard, there is a small “Dictation key” next to the space bar. Tap the key.
  4. Next, tap the “Settings” option. It looks like a small gear.
  5. In the next menu, locate “Smart Typing”, then tap “Predictive Text” to disable it.
  6. You can also disable options for auto-capitalization and auto-punctuation from this menu.

Autocorrect is now disabled. If you decide that you’d like to switch your LG G6 autocorrect back on, you can simply follow the steps provided above again. This time you can enable the features instead of disabling them.

If you’re not using the default LG G6 keyboard you will still be able to disable autocorrect, but the options for doing so may be in slightly different locations.

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Any other tips and techniques on using autocorrect on your LG G6? Share them with us in the comments, please!

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