How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 LED Flash Always On

Many Galaxy S9 users have complained about a problem with their smartphone LED flash being always on. Most times, they don’t even notice when they are in well-lit areas, and this leads to battery power draining faster. Samsung has been working on rectifying this issue, but before we dive into solutions, we should discuss the effect of this problem.

When the Galaxy S9 LED flash stays on permanently, it doesn’t operate at full brightness

Noticing this problem could be difficult as it is hard to spot when you are in areas with lot of sunlight or during daylight time

If you see that the LED flash is on for an extended period, this would contribute to faulty battery life and will cause your smartphone battery to drain faster.

Without the help of a charger to save your dying phone, the LED flash Always On problem can be a burden as it renders your phone useless by draining the battery life

In dark places, the LED flash can constitute a nuisance with its brightness that can be offensive to other people in your immediate area despite its limited brightness

No doubt, this problem requires fixing immediately so that it doesn’t escalate to a position where you will need technical support. If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy S9, there are three key thing processes you need to perform on your smartphone, albeit, in no particular order

  1. Check your smartphone LED light to be sure if your Galaxy S9 is experiencing this issue or not
  2. Activate the battery usage optimization feature so that the impacts of the LED light problem will not severely affect battery power
  3. Perform an OTA update of your Samsung Galaxy S9

Optimizing the Battery Usage is a Straightforward Process

  1. Disable every feature that is not essential for you when using your phone
  2. Make sure to decrease the brightness of the display screen to the lowest level that you are comfortable with when using your device
  3. Customize the background sync settings of your Galaxy S9 so that you can have enhanced control of the way the apps and services of your smartphone work in background mode

As for the OTA update, you will have to check if there’s anything available.

OTS Update

  1. Scroll to Settings
  2. Click on ’’About Device’’ icon
  3. Tap the ’’Software Updates’’ to check if there are any pending updates that will boost the functions of your smartphone

These steps are the only known measures for dealing with the LED Light Always On problem, and we are hoping it is enough to combat any issues related to the LED light on your Galaxy S9.

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