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Fix Signal Problem In LG G7

Fix Signal Problem In LG G7

Have you experienced the situation in which where you’re having an important call with your boss or your client, then suddenly you’ve noticed that signal bars on your LG G7 are starting to decrease, and decrease, then all you hear now is that awkward silence from your phone. Yeah, we know. It’s really an annoying stuff. But here in RecomHub, we always got a cure for every smartphone diseases you experience. So sit tight, relax, and prepare for a ride of your life.

Honestly, there’s no need to panic when experiencing the “No Service” error on your LG G7. The issue occurs when your smartphone doesn’t detect any signals from the network provider. We highly recommend that you must know first how to retrieve your IMEI number and repair the No Signal problem before mastering the steps we will show you in this guide.

Why am I Experiencing a Signal Issue?

Your best bet as to why this issue is consistently happening on your LG G7 is that its radio signal is malfunctioning or disabled. But we can safely say that it’s disabled for a reason. It’s because whenever you’re experiencing an issue with your GPS and WiFi connection, your radio signal turns OFF that’s why it must be the main culprit.

How to Fix Your IMEI Number

Oftenly, when your IMEI number is nulled, that’s when you experience a No service error on your LG G7. This guide shall bestow you a technical knowledge only that of RecomHub share its followers. You’ll be learning how to double check whether your IMEI number is nulled or corrupted. You can go to this link Restoring your LG G7 Null IMEI # and Repairing the Not Registered on Network Issue to dive deeper into the issue.

How to Repair the LG G7 No Service Issue

The following steps we’re about to show you shall solve and work 99.5 % of the time. So without further ado, here are the step-by-step instructions:

  • Open your LG G7 and go to the Dial App feature
  • Now, Input the code (*#*#4636#*#*) Please note: There’s no need to press the send button for the Service mode will automatically appear
  • Upon the appearance of the Service Mode, tap it
  • Then press the “Device information” or “Phone information” option
  • Once you’re on the menu, tap the Run Ping Test option
  • Hit on the Turn Radio Off button. Your phone will automatically restart soon
  • Lastly, Choose reboot and wait for your LG G7 to perform it

Consider Buying a New SIM Card

Now, if all else fails, consider buying a new SIM card to fully fix the issue because there must be a problem with it and causes your phone to receive not one signal. But first, try taking it out from your LG G7 then reinserting it after a few minutes to check whether it has fixed the issue. If not, then we highly suggest buying a new one and the “No Service” issue on your LG G7 shall bid its farewell to you.

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