Fixing Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Slow Wi-Fi Issues

Some of the users of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been experiencing quite some issues on their Samsung device. One of the most common ones that have been reported since the device was launched is the slow Wi-Fi issue.

In this article, I will explain all you need to know about the Wi-fi problem that you are facing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and you can solve it without the help of a technician.

Most of the causes of the slow Wi-Fi issue that you are experiencing can easily be fixed, and I hope after reading this article, your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be back to normal browsing speed.

One of the things that a slow Wi-Fi connection can cause is the poor processing and general operation of apps that are on your device. This will definitely make it difficult for you to enjoy your Samsung smartphone fully.

You will realize that your favorite apps like your social media apps (Facebook, Twitter) will become extremely slow and this can be very annoying. It also affects other apps like your Google Assistant and makes it difficult for the AI to answer your questions and complete tasks quickly. If you are experiencing a weak Wi-Fi connection on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, I will advise that you continue to read this article.

How To Solve Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Slow Wi-Fi Problems

  • You can carry out a process known as the Factory reset
  • You can also click on the ‘Forget’ option and then re-enter the WiFi details
  • Try to reset your internet router
  • Switch your connection status from DHCP to Static Connection when connecting your device to a  network
  • Alter the DNS to Google’s Addresses on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Configure your router’s bandwidth settings
  • Alter your Router’s Broadcast Channel to a better one
  • Change the Router Security Settings
  • Contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to upgrade to a higher speed plan

I hope one of the tips listed above will help you to fix the WiFi problems that you are experiencing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, if you notice that the connection is still slow, then the next option is to wipe the cache partition. This method has also been proven effective in solving Wi-Fi problems on a smartphone.

If you will like to know more on how you can wipe the cache partition of your Samsung smartphone, I will suggest that you use this link to read more on how to clear Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone cache.

How To Fix Slow Wifi On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. You need to switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  2. Then tap and hold the power, volume up and the home button at the same time
  3. Your Samsung smartphone will vibrate, and the recovery mode will start
  4. Scroll to the “wipe cache partition” menu option and click on it
  5. Once the process has been completed, you can then tap on the option to “reboot system now,” and your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be back to normal boot mode

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