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Forgot Pin Password On LG G7 (Solution)

Forgot Pin Password On LG G7 (Solution)

4 out of 10 people experienced formulating an ultra complicated passcode to hinder their family members and friends to access their smartphone, then an hour afterward, they’ve forgotten it because of its complexity. Has this also happened to you? Smartphone users, be it Android or iOs ones, are susceptible to this kind of event, and if you’re an LG G7 user, don’t think that you’re an exception.

Some of famous smartphone how-to sites brag that the only way to resolve this issue is by following their way. However, most of them suggest the same thing over and over again, and that’s factory resetting your LG G7. Yet, we can proudly say that we’re far ahead of the curve from those websites, and in this guide, we should give you 3 unique methods in resolving your LG G7’s Password Reset Issue, without having all of your files being removed due to the implementation of the hard factory reset.

Steps in Fixing the Password Reset Issue of your LG G7

Step # 1: Resolving the Password Reset Issue by Implementing a Hard Factory Reset on your LG G7

The first method on our table is by implementing a hard factory reset on your LG G7. Before implementing this, it’s essential to create a backup for your LG G7’s files and data to preclude it from being erased or lost in the process. To know the process the performing a factory reset on your LG G7, strictly go to this link.

Now, in creating a backup for all of your files and data, all you have to do is enter your LG G7’s Setting app > Hit on the Backup & Reset option. Also, please do note that not all files are scoped with this method, and there are files that require a third-party app in order to be backed up. So we suggest that you download one before implementing this process.

Step #2: Resolving the Password Reset Issue by Utilizing LG Find My Mobile

If you happen to register your LG G7 in LG in the past, by using its “Remote Controls” feature, you should be able to activate the LG’s Find My Mobile services. By utilizing this helpful feat, you are able to casually reset your passcodes then bypass the lock screen on your LG G7. We highly suggest that you register to it upon reading this to hinder any Password Reset Issue to arise in the prospect.

  1. Register your LG G7 with LG   
  2. Enter the Find My Mobile Service to shortly reset your passcode
  3. The Find My Mobile Service shall provide you a substitute password for your LG G7, enabling you to pass the lock code
  4. Enter the new passcode and you’re all set!

Step # 3: Resolving the Password Reset Issue by Utilizing your LG G7’s Android Device Manager

The last method we’ll be teaching you to bypass the lock code is by accessing the “Lock” feature in your Android Device Manager. Take note that this is only applicable if you’re already registered on it. The need for a computer to reset your device is no longer required with this awesome feature. Here are the steps:

  1. Head to the Android Device Manager software on your computer
  2. Inside its interface, search for the LG G7
  3. When you managed to found it, enable the “Lock & Erase” option
  4. You will then received an instruction on as to how to bypass the screen lock of your LG G7. Perform each step precisely
  5. Build an easy to remember brief passcode for the bypassing (like 12345 for example)
  6. Now, enter this brief passcode on your LG G7
  7. Now, you have unlocked your LG G7!

The next thing that will happen is it will instruct you to create a new password for your phone. Create one that’s fairly easy for you to remember but no that too easy for your friends to foretell.

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