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Galaxy J5: Charging Port Repair Guide

Galaxy J5: Charging Port Repair Guide

If you have a Samsung Galaxy J5 that won’t charge, there is a good chance that the charging port is broken and you’ll either need to replace it yourself or get it repaired by a professional. Below is a guide on how to repair a broken Galaxy J5 charging port, which works for the Galaxy J5 as well.


How to clean Samsung Galaxy J5 charging port

Before you go and spend money to replace the Galaxy J5 charging port, you should check to make sure that no debris or lint is stuck in the charging port. The reason that you should clean the charging port is because the debris could be blocking the connection, thus not allowing for a solid connection with the charging port, and your Galaxy J5 won’t charge.


You can clean the charging port of your Samsung Galaxy with one of the solutions below

  1. Using double-sided tape, place it on a needle and move it side-to-side in the charging port to remove dust and lint
  2. Place a cotton swab inside the charging port and move it side-to-side in the charging port to remove dust and lint
  3. Below compressed air into the charging port to remove dust and lint


Manually repair Galaxy J5 charging port

If none of the methods above work to fix the damaged Galaxy J5 charging port, then you should think about repairing the port. For those that want to manually fix the broken charging port on the Galaxy J5, you can watch the YouTube video below as a visual guide.




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