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Galaxy Note 9: Adjusting Screen Sensitivity

Galaxy Note 9: Adjusting Screen Sensitivity

Screen sensitivity remains a key attribute on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and one of the most important aspects of any smartphone. As a smartphone user, there might be times when you have wanted to adjust the screen sensitivity of your Galaxy Note 9 smartphones. The screen sensitivity feature is a default factory function on the Galaxy Note 9.

The fact of the matter is that using a screen that actively responds to your touch every time is not as easy as it sounds. It is important that the screen sensitivity level is at the perfect level. If the sensitivity isn’t at the right level, you might need to tap on the screen repeatedly before your phone will respond to your command.

If the sensitivity is set to an abnormally high level, the slightest brush on the screen can easily launch apps without your knowledge.

The latter problem is far more annoying than the former one. Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have been dealing with over sensitive screen, mostly around the edges of the display screen. The same issue has been affecting the touch navigation buttons.

If this problem has been agitating you, you do not need to change your Galaxy Note 9 yet. There is a way to adjust the screen sensitivity on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphones.

Galaxy Note 9: Adjusting Screen Sensitivity

Instead of replacing your phone, there are numerous options through which you can adjust the screen sensitivity on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

To start with, you should try another approach when holding your phone to make sure your fingers don’t rest on the edges of the screen too much. You might be placing your fingers on the screen without realizing this and it can trick you into thinking your phone is experiencing an oversensitivity issue.

Another solution is for you buy a case for your Galaxy Note 9 that covers the screen edges and protect them from touch.

If you have a smartphone case already for your Galaxy smartphone, try removing it to check if there are any changes when pressing your phone after the case has been removed. Some cases can cause your smartphone to be over sensitive. Hence, if you do not try removing the case, you might not be able to identify the problem.

A screen protector is a wonderful idea as it can add extra layers to the surface of your Galaxy Note 9 screen. This will remove the sensitivity because your phone will now require extra touch pressure.

The last option is for you to update the operating system of your Galaxy smartphone. There are a variety of software updates that are tailored to fix screen sensitivity issues and this is usually the case when it comes to users that use the TouchWiz technology on their devices.

Any of the tips above is odds on to fix the screen sensitivity issue you are currently experiencing o your Galaxy Note 9. Try them out and let us know which one worked for you.

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Aug 17, 2018

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