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Galaxy Note 9 Gets Random Picture Messages – Fixed

Galaxy Note 9 Gets Random Picture Messages – Fixed

Are you suddenly getting random pictures on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone? You might consider this to be a very minor problem but that is not really the case especially when dealing with it.

If you have faced any issues with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 before, then you will agree that if any slight smartphone issue has to be fixed to prevent it from escalating any further. What is more is that such problems are actually fixable so why not fix them once and for all. The solution to the random picture messages can be fixed in two stages as we are going to share with you in a short while:

  1. Fixing the problem associated with the galaxy Note 9 device you are using.
  2. Fixing the message sender’s phone.

From the two solutions above, one seems more direct than the other because if your device is the one displaying the random picture messages then you will be well placed to fix it on your own. In this case, you will either chose from the two options below

  1. You can choose to clear the Messaging app’s cache and data from the App settings
  2. Alternatively, you can choose to perform a factory reset of our entire Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone

If you carry out the two actions suggested above but still realize that your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is still displaying the random picture messages then it is highly likely that the problem is originating from the sender and not your device.

You might find the person you are asking ti fix the problem is not even aware that such a problem exists so you may have to share your thoughts with them concerning the same issue first.

For now, let us take you through the detailed solution first.

How To Fix Galaxy Note 9 Gets Random Picture Messages By Clearing The Data

  1. Ensure your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on
  2. Go to your Galaxy Note 9 home screen and tap on the Apps icon
  3. From the Apps list, tap on Settings
  4. You can see that there are quite a lot of setting options and if you don’t know the one to select you might get some confusion here. But with this guide you shouldn’t get lost, just tap on the Applications
  5. Application Manager is your next selection from the Applications list of items
  6. In the Applications Manager, swipe to display All tabs
  7. Locate and tap on the Messages app from the list of applications
  8. Touch the Force Close button
  9. Now tap the storage tab then Clear cache
  10. After clearing messages cache, tap on Delete and clear messages app data
  11. Once again tap on Delete.

After going through all the above steps, you will have managed to clear the cache for the messaging app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is highly likely that such a problem stems from third-party messaging apps.

These are apps that you downloaded from the Google Play Store because the default or stock Samsung messaging app does not exhibit such random errors. But if you still can’t get rid of the random picture messages even after clearing the cache, you can try out the next solution using the steps below;

How To Fix Galaxy Note 9 Gets Random Picture Messages By Resetting The Phone

  1. With your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 powered on, go to the settings and backup all your data.
  2. Go back to the home screen and tap on the Apps icon to view all main apps
  3. Go to the Settings option
  4. Select the Backup & Reset option
  5. Tap the Factory Reset option then hit on Reset
  6. You can choose to either use a PIN or password to authorize this operation.
  7. Then hit on the Continue option
  8. Touch on the Delete All option and confirm.

If the random pictures are originating from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 then this is the best way to fix it. Definitely the problem would be stemming from the sender of the random picture message. This is especially true if you can’t fix it using these two solutions.

The most hardcore solution would be to blacklist that person if they can’t fix the problem from their device. You may not be able to contact this person ever again. There is relief though, at least you will have avoided one persistent problem once and for all.

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